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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Months Old!

I finally got a smile out of my lil Punkin'
I couldn't get one while laying on his back though!

5 Months old...What have you NOT been up to!?!
-You are eating rice GREAT!
-Started mixing veggies with your rice and have loved carrots, squash and sweet potatoes so far, but not green beans!
-We have officially put the Bumbo away...you were leaning WAY too far out of it!
-We pulled out the heavy duty high for the first time this week!
-Starting to wake up a/r 630 sometimes, cause that what time mommy wakes you up when she has class..
-You love sleeping on my chest, & I don't want it to become a habit, but I know one day I won't be able to do it any more, so I let you!
-You know what "No No" means. We say it to you when you put your thumb in your mouth, and try to scratch down peoples faces!
-Not really feeling your bouncy seat any more...too boring I guess.
-Still doing great during bathtime!
-Last time I weighed you you weighed 15 pounds! & I can tell you are getting SO heavy!
-You definitely have those Patterson theighs!
-Still in 1 diapers, but will move up when we run out
-Growing out of the 3 months clothes & even wearing some 6 months now!
-Most of the time your getting some rice and veggies & 4 oz. 3-4 times a day
-You have had your FIRST & SECOND snow storm!
-We took you into the Church Nursery for the first time!
-You are staying with Ms. Lynn 2 days a week for 2 hrs. while Mommy has class
-You love dogs! Especially Trixi!
-You are grabbing EVERYTHING in your sight!
-You kick your feet NON STOP!
-You can bouncy so big and LOUD in your exer-saucer!
-You enjoy your Johnny Jump-Up....for a/b 5 minutes! Ha!
-You don't mind your carseat any more.
-Can lift yourself up on your arms & knees and just rock back in forth with your head down!

You had to be uncomfortable!
Eating sweet potatoes this morning!
"Hurry Up Mom!"
You are so happy in your Exer-Saucer!
My sweet boy!
In your lil robe and booties after your bath!
Sweet Sweet Boy!

KeeKee & Pops got back from their cruise on Friday night and Punkin' wasn't awake for them to see him, or him to see them! They were all glad to reunite Saturday morning! I came down with a sore throat come Saturday morning, and when I say sore throat....I KNOW it's gonna eventually get bad for me, so I had to go into a Saturday clinic to get sean. I told them they were gonna test me for Strep Throat (Strep A) and it would come up negative b/c I have Strep F...like ALWAYS! And what do ya know...it was Strep A this time! I was actually kinda happy, but I still think it might be F after the way I have felt the last few days. So I was contagious for 24 hours, so that cancelled my plans to go to Arkadelphia for the Miss OBU pageant. We stayed here Sunday morning...and just prepared for the week ahead!

Little did we know a SNOW STORM was going to come through during the night! I was up getting around around 6:15 and my mom came & told me her school was out for the snow, so she was pretty sure mine would be out too...and it WAAAAS!! Uncle G built Ryder a snow man and of course we took pics (but there on another camera... :/). It wasn't 2 o'clock and they closed the public schools again as well UCA. I only had a night class tonight, and was kinda sad that I had to miss it!

School was cancelled yet AGAIN for Wednesday! UCA is delayed till 10...and I have 8 and 9 o'clock classes...so once again...NO CLASS for me! My classes & syllabi are going to be SOOO messed up! Ha!

We did get out of the house a little bit for Happy Hour today and to see Mama D & Coach Mac! I made Taco Soup for dinner and it was perfect! We'll see what tomorrow holds! It's been fun being at home with everybody, but I am ready to get out and do something, and have a normal ROUTINE!

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