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Saturday, April 13, 2013

R's 1st trip to the Dentist!

I finally got around to making R a dentist appointment...he's only been three since September!  :P  Mom of the year, I know!  ;)  I took him to my dentist, which happens to be the only place I've ever been to the dentist, and I started going there when I was three!  They actually have a picture of me on my first visit in my file!  Pretty funny!
R has been excited and ready for his visit and I was so glad!  We saw Dr. Higgs the day before at a restaurant, so it was good for R to see him before actually going the next day!
Ms. Kim looking at his teeth...same lady who cleaned mine at his age!  CRAZY!  =)

 Getting x-rays...he did GREAT the entire time!  and LOVED the cookie dough flavored cleaner!
All freshened up and ready to go!  So proud of my big boy!  But how is he already this big!?  :(  I love and hate it at the same time!  :P


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  1. It's better to bring the kids at least once every month to the dentist to maintain the teeth and avoid future damage. People usually look into someone's teeth and sometimes stare at them, so clean and neat is as important as white teeth. It's better to have him go to the doctor as early as 1 rather than regret it in the end. Gunilla Cameron


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