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Monday, April 1, 2013

Product Love... {March}

It's been a while since I have done some "Product Love" but I always love doing it...so here some of my favorites from the month of March!  I know I am always looking for new stuff to try, and I figure my readers are too!

I fell in love with NIVEA products a while back and when wanted some sun on my legs without the cost of a spray tan and time and dangerous-ness of a tanning bed...I settled for this stuff!  I have really enjoyed it and it's great to use for 3-4 prior to upcoming events (like Easter!)...I just use it on my legs, arms and neck and it definitely gets the job done before those Summer months!  It's about $10 at Walgreens, and I haven't been able to find it at Kroger or WM...

 I put my make up on in my car in the parking lot at school on days I get up late.  One day I realized I had left my foundation sitting on my bathroom counter from the day before...so I ran in Walgreens to grab some more instead of having to go all the way back home.  This is what I went with...and I am so thankful I left my other foundation at home that day because I seriously LOVE this stuff!  It is creamy and goes on sooo smooth, yet it dries like a powder!  I still use a translucent powder over it, but I don't plan on changing foundations any time soon...it is a great drug store foundation, especially for a $9 price tag!

I am all about a good highlighter...I found this at Sephora and was anxious to try it.  It's a cream stick, but dries like powder as well.  I don't use it every day, but it definitely adds a special touch to your check bones and nose--where the sun would hit you.  I think it will look even more fabulous in the summer.  I don't even use the stick to apply it, but just my finger.  Long lasting finish and the perfect color/shade of shimmer!  $30 at Ulta, Sephora or benefit.

I love all CO Bigelow products from B&BW, but this is by far the best!  It is actually on sale for $5 right now (regularly $7.50).  I have to have it on every night when I go to bed, and I usually wake up with it still on my lips.  My lips are constantly peeling and are very dry, but not with this stuff!  Highly recommend it, and I'm about to stock up since it's on sale!

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What are some of your favorite new products this Spring?!  I'd love for you to share!


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