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Monday, April 15, 2013

Project 365...Week 13 {Round 2}

{March 24}
Mimi got lil guy a guitar just his size!  He has been fascinated with instruments so this is perfect!  He now has an accordion, trumpet, drum set and guitar!  Too funny!  I even have a video of him playing and singing twinkle twinkle little star, I'll try and get it up!

{March 25}
Lil guy in Mama's glasses!  :P

{March 26}
 He was playing train conductor and he used his drum as his steering wheel!  I was his passenger behind him!  :P

{March 27}
Y'all already heard all about this...but I was one happy little girl when I got this!!!  =)

{March 28}
R had begged me to teach him how to play go fish, and I just kept telling him I would when he got a little bit older...well finally I broke down and taught him and he actually got it and LOVES it!!  He asks to play every night now!  

{March 29}
 Dying eggs after his Easter Party at school!

{March 30}
I mad him this tent after he asked...and he just made the perfect little spot in there with his pillows, blankets, and iPad...all while being able to see the TV!  ;)  Oh to be young again! 


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