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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Friday Night

I was at an elementary school all day Friday presenting our life size whale to all the kiddos...and by the time 3 o'clock rolled around I was exhausted!  I was ready to go pick up my little guy from school!  He was still asleep when I got there and was happy to see me when I woke him up!  They had had a big day at school with gymnastics and a birthday party, so I'm sure they were just all worn out!  
We ended up getting CFA with KeeKee and taking it to the park to eat and play!  He was so excited because he had been asking me to take him to the park, so we finally got to go!

Then we went and saw Pooh while she ate dinner...and just talked, colored and goofed around!  It was a nice surprise to have her in town for a little bit!  R and I enjoyed some of our favorite sweet tea and punch! ;)
Then we wandered into Ace Hardware...they have the cutest stuff sometimes!  It's definitely not your typical "hardware" store!  Saw this cute drink dispenser I'd never seen before!  I liked the "country" feel to it!
I assume this is talking about kids...because it's true, as a parent--you truly don't know what that love is like until you have a little one!  It's the BEST feeling in the world!
I also saw this cool little things...they are silicon stretchy lids for any bowl of any size!  The package came with three different sizes but I even tested one out in the store and they were air tight!  This is definitely a "green" version of cling wrap, etc.  I'll probably be going back to buy these soon!  ;)

Just some randomness for the day!  Happy Sunday--may you and your family be BLESSED!


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