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Sunday, January 10, 2010


We are growing up SO fast!
Not the best picture...but he was talking in ALL of them!
This is what lil man was doing the other night when he was SUPPOSED to be asleep!
Mom caught them like this the other night!

4 months...what you've been up to this month!
-I gave you your first teething biscuit and you loved it!
-We celebrated your first Christmas...and it was so fun with you!
-FINALLY in one diapers!
-Alot of 0-3 and 3 month clothes are fitting any more.
-We have put you in some 6 & 9 month outfits that fit! WOW!
-Sucking in your lips and trying to talk...pretty much making a HUMMMING sound!
-You pulled a whole tervis tumbler FULL of sweet tea all over yourself and mommy!
-You figured out how to throw your head back! It's TOO funny!
-Loving your Bumbo...and new tray!
-Still sleeping through the night! You even let me sleep in till 930 this morning!
-Grabbing everything in sight!
-We have caught you chewing on JUST your thumb lately. I am like NO NO!!
-You will just grin when you can hear your momma's voice even if you can't see her!
-Loving your Exer-Saucer Santa got your for Christmas!
-You love bathtime...I can't wait till you splash around in there!
-Your now sleeping in your big boy crib full time.
-I'm feeding you 7-8 oz. each feeding.
-We go to the Dr. Monday for your 4 month well child ck up...I can't wait to see how much you have grown!
-You try to text on mommy's phone!
-You have even clicked the mouse pad on the laptop a few times with your TOES!
-Still just loves to talk talk TALK!
-Will talk to yourself in the mirror...and reach out for that "little boy!" HA!
-Really starting to love your POPS! He can make you grin EVERY time!
-More and more people are saying you look like your Pops and you do! That's not a bad thing either!


  1. glad to see some new pictures of little man!!

  2. I told you when he was 1 1/2-2 months old that he looked like your Dad. Even more so now!


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