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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One year ago...YESTERDAY I started this blog for my lil Ryder-Man! Hard to believe huh? And Ryder was just a lil bitty ole peanut in my belly, & I was skinny back then! Lol....I will get my old body back SOON! Back then I never saw myself as "skinny" but I was happy with my body. Now...I'm like..."Dang, I sure was skinny!" Ha! Guess that's what happens when you house a lil one for 9 (or 10, almost 11) months! I wouldn't trade if for the world though! We have been kinda cooped up inside the last few days. Too cold and windy to get little man out! He has alot of super cute clothes that just don't work out seasonally for us...and I didn't want this sweet lil Polo outfit to go to waste and never get worn, so I put it on him yesterday with some little sandles just for a photoshoot! He is such a HAAAMMM! I love how he just opens his mouth SOO wide when he smiles! He is such a happy little boy!

He is such a JOY! I had night class tonight, and he stayed with KeeKee & Pops...mainly Pops, and had some cereal and was really good! I got out about an hour early, so that was a nice relief! He is down for the night, and I'm about to do some 30 day shred with my BFF, Jillian!

Journal so far...

Monday Day 1
-SO hard! Couldn't barely bend over the crib to pick Ryder up, and my legs were like Jell-O

Tuesday Day 2-
A little bit easier, but so glad I was pushing through!

Wednesday Day 3
-Not so easy, but better than Monday

Thursday Day 4
-I was doing GREAT...it actually was easier towards the end

Friday Day 5
-Still getting easy....so proud of myself for going FIVE days in a row!

Saturday Day 6
-Took a break, but was okay with it

Sunday Day 7
-Didn't plan on taking a break, but I did.

Monday Day 8
-Not every going to take a 2 day break EVER again!

Ryder went to the church nursery for the first time on Sunday. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I knew he was in good hands, and the only reason it has taken me this long to do so, is because of GERMS! But I toughened up and did it! And really...it wasn't THAT bad! There were only 4 other kids in there with him for the late service, so that also helped! I thought he would sleep the whole time, but of course not! There were too many new and fun and exciting things to look at! He was up the WHOLE time, and then took half a bottle! My lil boy is getting to be SUCH a chunk!

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  1. These pics are sooo cute! Yeah, keep going with that 30-day shred...i'm going to need a FULL review. BTW...did you pick it up for me at Target? ;)


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