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Friday, April 18, 2014


You hear about the different role a parent takes on when it comes to raising the second child.  With the first, everything is so new and exciting and you can’t wait to do anything and everything with that child...especially when it comes to holidays!--Yes, that was totally me!  And still is to an extent!  

Visits to see the Easter Bunny at the mall and spending $30 on pictures that you are also in because your child won’t dare sit there alone with the bunny---but can you really blame them?!  The bunny’s ears are as big, if not bigger than your child!

Dying Easter Eggs, making them their own Easter basket and spending trips to Target and TJ Maxx thinking of the perfect things to put together to create the funnest basket for them...all so I could take pictures of it...to try and keep up with what everybody else is doing for their kids!

Yeah!  All that is fun and it still is...to a degree!  To be real honest...over time it’s not as exciting as it used to be.  Especially considering you have other “gift basket” holidays like Valentine’s Day where you have to find stuff to get for your child to show that you “love” them.  It shouldn't be this way...even though I am guilty of falling into these buy buy buy holidays just as much as everyone else!  I provide R with everything he needs without these holidays.  I shouldn't feel like I have to go to Target and find something for him for his Easter basket...and I am so guilty of feeling that and I’m not going to let that guilt hang over me any more.  

Also...those Easter baskets aren’t even what Easter is truly about.  Getting your picture made with the Easter Bunny isn’t either, and neither is dying eggs.  It’s so easy for kids to get wrapped up and excited about all those fun things...and my child is one of them.  

Fast forward...Ryder is still an only child, yet I feel like he has turned into the second child poor thing.  Thinking about taking him all the way to LR just to see the Easter Bunny and spend $30 on pictures seems like a complete waste of gas AND time.  I’m doing my best to not remind him of “dying eggs” because he’s done it every year since he was born...even at 7 months old.  I’m praying he doesn't remember that that is “tradition” and asks to do them because I just don’t wanna!  

I’m realizing that it’s okay to not do all these things every.single.holiday!  Life will go on and he will still be a happy child!  If R isn't asking to do those specific things, then I've realized I don’t have to kill myself to try and do those things that are only on a mom’s “check list” of things to do during holidays.  And I sure as heck don’t want to feel the need to do them just because everybody else is doing them!  That can burn a parent out real quick!  I don’t want to do those things just to do them...but only do them because we truly want to and because we truly enjoy them the entire time.  That is when the effort and money put into these things doesn't seem like a big deal, and that is how it’s supposed to be!  

I’m scared to even think about what I won’t do with my second and third born...but we’ll deal with that when we get there!  For now...I’m focusing on what makes us happy and just making memories together, not checking things off of our to do list.  


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