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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

first t ball practice

R's first T ball practice was the 17th!  They were supposed to have two practices before their first game but the first practice got rained out! :(  I can't believe it was finally time for me to take my baby lil man to his first T ball practice!  I hope this is the first of many years of baseball ahead!!  Poppy took us even though he was on crutches, and R's dad also met us there which made R really happy! =)

 I think he might have been a teeny tiny nervous!
Thankful for Mimi for providing the bag, bat and glove and KeeKee for the cleats!  He was SET UP!

Running bases for the first time!  They were ALL the way around to get the feel for the order and direction!

Then they practiced just swinging the bat, letting it go...and then running the bases!

Then they took turns fielding and hitting the ball.  They focused on throwing it to first...

R actually got to ground a few balls...

 Finally his turn to bat!

He got a few good hits and had a blast doing it!

It's gonna be a fun six weeks!!

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  1. Looks like R is going to be a natural. So fun, thanks for sharing :)


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