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Sunday, March 22, 2009

one more week of clueless-ness!

This is officially the last WHOLE week, of not knowing what we're having! I'm super excited...and April first will be here before we know it!

Saturday mom & I went shopping for fabrics for the nursery! I went in thinking...black/white & green. Not like lime...but grown up cutsy/pastel-ish green. Ended up decided on browns & greens. It was just too perfect. This are all the swatches...I'm probably not going to do anything with the top one, but it matches & we liked it. It all started with the second one. My whole plan was to find the green minky (soft chenille with dots) & go from there. But once I was so the brown...I was like "This is it!" So..We had the minky & the circles, and then who would have ever thought a)I would have found & b)I would have LIKED a green cheetah/leopard print. It matches SO SO SO perfect though!!! & adds some lightness to the group!! Beside the minky is some green & brown fringe we found for like the bottom of a lamp or something.

This is the leopard as a whole.

The circles as a whole. (It just looks so different as a big piece!)
& this is like a suede kinda & the swirls are kinda indented in. I'm going to recover a glider chair & ottoman with this.

I don't have a whole picture of the minky, but you get the picture!
I feel as though these fabrics are grown up & I guess...sophisticated & modern but the minky adds to it and makes it JUST ENOUGH baby! Oh how i LOVE the minky!!!!!!
So I found this cute lamp (with an ugly lamp shade I know..) & Goodwill for like 3 bucks today. I figured I would spray paint it brown, and find a new shade to cover in one of my fabrics!
Here's few from the bottom I just love the modern looks of the string off/on switch!

I had a few more new purchases today, that I'll try to add tomorrow (AKA--this week) & I have officially decided on a crib & changing table, so I'll try to put that up too!

Friday, March 20, 2009

this week FLEW by!

I can't believe the weekend is already here! One more whole week, and then BABY DOCTOR! =) Good week...but nothing too exciting. Here are some random pics from my camera from lately..JUST for you guys!

This is my favorite outfit my mom has gotten me so far..it's newborn & SO tiny! Those are lil pants behind the onesie! & a cute bib to match! & it's my GREEN!
I found this @ Belk for just a few dollars...I got it in a 9 months just in time for it's FIRST Toad Suck Daze! I know it's a FROG, and not TOAD....but you don't just find outfits with toads on them!
Me, Dell, Allison, Lindsey, Brooke, & Hannah all @ Allison's 20th Birthday Party @ Fuji Thursday night.
THANK GOODNESS for this stuff! I have been using it everyday for like the last week, and boy I can tell a difference! Since I sit in the office all day, and can't hit up the tanning bed...it's this or uhhh..NOTHING! Well...I have thought a/b getting a spray tan, but this is working so far!

And look what came in the mail today!! WAHOO!! I haven't really got to watch it, or do it or anything...but hopefully I'll get a/r to it tomorrow! I got it for 26 dollars...& they are usually 80 bucks, and it was BRAND NEW!!

Hopefully I'll update on Sunday...

Monday, March 16, 2009

cute lil baby purchases!

This pictures is kinda hard to tell what it says...that's why I took the other ones as well. Don't freak out cause it's BLUE! These are like 35-40 dollars @ a store here in town & I got it for 15. If I don't end up using it...I'll give it to one of ya'll to use in your lil boys nursery!
"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord my soul to keep"

Cute lil kleenex box...my GREEN! from Tuesday Morning, a store here in town for like 2 bucks. Again...if I don't use it, it's not like I'm out a big chunk!

My favorite purchase! This is kinda my inspiration for what is hopefully going to become! It's just a lil burp cloth thing..that will prolly just turn into a lil blanky the baby carries a/r!

Super cute lil firetruck, all zipped up!

& inside...some more FRIENDS!

lil fire hydrant..

lil fireman-->(DADDY!)

lil water pail-

& cute lil Dalmatian!

I also ordered the ZUMBA 4 DVD set a few days ago...so it should be here soon! I just miss it so so much I had to get back in it! & now I can do it whenever I want, in the privacy of my home!

I'm currently catching up on Dancing w/ the Stars...and from what I've seen...Melissa looks FREAKIN HOTT!!!!! She deserves to after having to put up w/ loser Jason!...GAAAAHHHH!!!

GOOD NIGHT! Two post in one night...WAAAHOOOO!!!

i wish i was doing better...

I apologize once again for not being the super blogger I planned on being! I apparently value sleep more than updating my blog. I think I have alot going on, but I really don't compared to what it's going to be like in AUGUST!! =)

Anyways...few updates. Jake sold his house/land & will be moving into a rent house of my dad's the first of April. Which reminds me, I had rescheduled my appt. from March 30th, to April 1st...YES, April Fool's Day, but oh well...I'm going to tell them not to fool me about what it REALLY is, and I won't fool with ya'll either, because this is a pretty serious matter! :P

We are still pretty stuck on Ava. But that would mean  four out of seven letters in her first & last name would be vowels. Ha! I saw the name Aven in a magazine the other day..but Jake isn't too fond of it.

My Nana (mom's mom) is going to make my bedding for the baby and I have pretty much officially decided (even though we haven't gone to pick out fabrics, that it's mainly going to be baby lime-green & black & white. Don't freak out about the BLACK part...I just don't want to do BROWN like EVERYONE else! & the green is DIFFERENT as well! Girl...I will accent with some pinks, and boy...some blues...but mainly GREEN!  I'll put up some pics later of what I bought on Saturday at a few stores. But this is what I'm going for...or very similar.

I still...I mean WE still haven't decided on what color furniture. I always thought...NEVER white!! But I have seen a few white furniture sets that I really like! & I like the way it looks with these colors of bedding. Jake said a big no on black, which my mom made a good point, that would be ALOT of black! I have my bookshelf in my room here at the house, that is now ORANGE, that I think I will either paint white, or black.

We are having company over for dinner tonight...

This week is going to be kinda Jake-less...Tonight he is working, I saw him after work at the first house. Tomorrow he is going out with guys from work in the Union for St. Patrick's day, Wednesday I think we are going to pack up his house...Thursday he works again, Friday he has rehearsal dinner & then lil after party for a wedding, then Saturday-Sam & Chelsea's wedding. Then the week starts all over again! AAAHHHH!! Life of dating a fireman huh?-

Gotta go get G from the country club...I will update later (maybe not tonight) with pictures of cute stuff I have bought, and other randoms!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bad mommy & bad friend

SO...I found out @ the Dr. on Tuesday that I'm really on 14 weeks. I guess I was just getting ahead of myself or something! Jake & I just went to Little Rock Tuesday by ourselves, and it was a great appointment...nothing too big, or different than the last. We heard the heartbeat again which was exciting since my stomach is getting a little harder & it's kinda becoming more real.

Funny story...This morning I was telling Jake I woke up last night a/r 4 with bad stomach pains..and luckily just rolled over & feel back asleep. Jake said..."Oh, Ranger was just acting up wasn't he?" I didn't even notice....but RANGER is his pet SQUIRL! He meant RYDER...but I didn't even realize till he was like Ryder, I mean Ryder! We laughed @ that one pretty hard!

We went out to eat @ Slim Chicken's tonight...it was both our first time. It was REALLY really good! I would def. go back!

We actually might agree on a new lil girl name.....AVA. That is only like the second girl name we have agreed on...& we have been through probably 50!!!

Jake's working a double tomorrow & Saturday, so I will probably just be catching up on things by myself this weekend.

Oh yeah...BIG THING!--JAKE GOT A PERMANENT STATION THIS WEEK! Yesterday was his first day there...and I think it's going to be a really good thing. It's up North, which is where his brother actually works on C shift. No more driving to a different station every time he works!!!

Guess that's it...if not--I'm sure I'll be back for an update!