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Sunday, March 22, 2009

one more week of clueless-ness!

This is officially the last WHOLE week, of not knowing what we're having! I'm super excited...and April first will be here before we know it!

Saturday mom & I went shopping for fabrics for the nursery! I went in thinking...black/white & green. Not like lime...but grown up cutsy/pastel-ish green. Ended up decided on browns & greens. It was just too perfect. This are all the swatches...I'm probably not going to do anything with the top one, but it matches & we liked it. It all started with the second one. My whole plan was to find the green minky (soft chenille with dots) & go from there. But once I was so the brown...I was like "This is it!" So..We had the minky & the circles, and then who would have ever thought a)I would have found & b)I would have LIKED a green cheetah/leopard print. It matches SO SO SO perfect though!!! & adds some lightness to the group!! Beside the minky is some green & brown fringe we found for like the bottom of a lamp or something.

This is the leopard as a whole.

The circles as a whole. (It just looks so different as a big piece!)
& this is like a suede kinda & the swirls are kinda indented in. I'm going to recover a glider chair & ottoman with this.

I don't have a whole picture of the minky, but you get the picture!
I feel as though these fabrics are grown up & I guess...sophisticated & modern but the minky adds to it and makes it JUST ENOUGH baby! Oh how i LOVE the minky!!!!!!
So I found this cute lamp (with an ugly lamp shade I know..) & Goodwill for like 3 bucks today. I figured I would spray paint it brown, and find a new shade to cover in one of my fabrics!
Here's few from the bottom I just love the modern looks of the string off/on switch!

I had a few more new purchases today, that I'll try to add tomorrow (AKA--this week) & I have officially decided on a crib & changing table, so I'll try to put that up too!

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