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Monday, March 16, 2009

cute lil baby purchases!

This pictures is kinda hard to tell what it says...that's why I took the other ones as well. Don't freak out cause it's BLUE! These are like 35-40 dollars @ a store here in town & I got it for 15. If I don't end up using it...I'll give it to one of ya'll to use in your lil boys nursery!
"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray thee Lord my soul to keep"

Cute lil kleenex box...my GREEN! from Tuesday Morning, a store here in town for like 2 bucks. Again...if I don't use it, it's not like I'm out a big chunk!

My favorite purchase! This is kinda my inspiration for what is hopefully going to become! It's just a lil burp cloth thing..that will prolly just turn into a lil blanky the baby carries a/r!

Super cute lil firetruck, all zipped up!

& inside...some more FRIENDS!

lil fire hydrant..

lil fireman-->(DADDY!)

lil water pail-

& cute lil Dalmatian!

I also ordered the ZUMBA 4 DVD set a few days ago...so it should be here soon! I just miss it so so much I had to get back in it! & now I can do it whenever I want, in the privacy of my home!

I'm currently catching up on Dancing w/ the Stars...and from what I've seen...Melissa looks FREAKIN HOTT!!!!! She deserves to after having to put up w/ loser Jason!...GAAAAHHHH!!!

GOOD NIGHT! Two post in one night...WAAAHOOOO!!!


  1. I'm so impressed with your updating and pictures and everything!
    I love that sign, the most. I was just thinking about how you're so good at making things match, and how I'm horrible, good thing I'm not decorating that nursery!

    Can we get a belly photo update? Every morning I think, wonder how big her belly is today??

    See you soon! I miss/love you!

  2. I'm glad you like the sign. But it would HAVE to be a boy for me to be able to use it...KELLY! :P

    I would love to help you match things for your nursery in the future!

    I'll work on the belly pic. People @ work have started to talk a/b it, and touch it & stuff. Lol..

    I LOVE you too...VERY much! Come home & get those teeth cut/pulled out so I can see you!


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