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Monday, December 31, 2012

Project 365...Week 50

{December 9}

{December 10}

{December 11}

{December 12}

{December 13}

{December 14}

{December 15}


Project 365...Week 51

Dec. 16

 Dec. 17

Dec. 18

Dec. 19

Dec. 20

 Dec. 21

Dec. 22


Project 365...Week 48

{November 25}
 Why are they so sweet when they're asleep?

{November 26}
 R loves putting money in the salvation army bucket...and this night the bell ringers were dressed up like elves!  R loved it!

{November 27}
 R's Mimi got him some footed pajamas.  He has NEVER worn them, even as a baby, because his legs were so long, they wouldn't fit in the ones that were right for his age!  I could not believe he was wearing these and actually LIKED them!  They are now some of his favorite pjs, and I'm gonna have to get him some more for next winter!

 {November 28}
Helping me make up some hot chocolate mix!  Such a good helper! 

{November 29}
 He was so proud of our trees out on the front porch!

{November 30}
He loves Maggie's so much...it's the little things in life!  So happy about the Christmas trees instead of smiley cookies!

{December 1}
Our fun North Pole Breakfast!


Project 365...Week 47

{November 18}
With cousin Hannah at their family Thanksgiving

{November 19}
Throwing leaves in the air with Uncle G!

{November 20}
At his Thanksgiving Feast at Snuggle Bug with KeeKee!

{November 21}
& one of my besties got engaged!!!  Super surprised & so happy for Morgan & Josh!

{November 22}
Just a fun Thanksgiving day with family!

{November 23}
Bed time is always crazy with this little one!

{November 24}
He is just too much!  & insisted on putting those all over his body!  ha!  


Project 365...Week 49

{December 2}
 Trip to the River at sunset...

{December 3}
 He still outside playing even when it's cold!

{December 4}
 Nothing beter than snuggle with my sweet boy on the couch...

{December 5}
 Squeak had some fun with the TP! ;)

{December 6}
 Bethlehem Revisited at church!

{December 7}
 R got a new build a bear!--Bunny rabbit this time!  =)

{December 8}
We love climbing in KeeKee's tree!  & check out that outfit!  :P


Project 365...Week 52

{December 23}
 Christmas Church

{December 24}
Christmas Eve at Nana & Papaw's 

{December 25}
What was Santa thinking?!  :P 

December 26
Blessed with a WHITE Christmas!  Having fun out in with the day after Christmas!

{December 27}
Hott bath after playing out in the COLD snow!

{December 28}
Still having fun in the snow at Mimi's!

{December 29}
We went to see Monster's University with Hannah & Mimi!

{December 30}
Plugging his ears while I was singing some JB! ;)

{December 31}
Night out on the town for us!