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Monday, December 3, 2012

What have we been up to?!

Christmas Spirit is in full swing at our house!  I didn't go all out on decor simply because I just don't have time with school...& that's okay!  R loves our tree, his stocking & his advent calendar & that's all we need!  =)
 Mimi got him some Christmas footed PJs for her house!  He has never been able to wear them before..even when he was a baby, because his legs were always too long & would end up all crunched up!  I thought he looked pretty cute in these!  ;)
 Coloring some cute reindeer head's to give to some friends...
 Putting money in the Salvation Army bucket & getting our picture taken with some elves at Kroger! 
 Making some homemade hot chocolate...{I just mixed until they looked right!  :P}

 He helped me put out our little Christmas trees on the porch!
 Did a lil shopping at Ace Hardware--he said, "this is like the sign I carried in Allie's wedding!"  Sho*nuff!
 Someone is ready for it to SNOW!  But doubt it will at this rate...(it's 75 degrees here on Dec. 3rd!)

 Trips to Maggie's for Christmas cookies instead of smileys!
Doing fun little family activities each night...
& look at this presh little couple!

We've already been busy & it's only the beginning...but I want Ryder to remember this as a special time of year & hold on to all these memories!  My mom decorated her house yesterday & we went to look at it last night & Ryder could seriously not stop SQEALING!!  He was just so excited by all her decorations!  {She does have some pretty good ones!  ;) }  I am SO looking forward to the rest of the month with my little man & all the special things I will get to do & share with him!  =)

What has your family been up to already this month!?


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  1. You guys are in full swing. If your having this much fun already, I can only imagine what the rest of the month holds for you. Can't wait to see!


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