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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Christmas Reading List

For several years, I have been trying to collect a good collection and variety of Christmas books for us to read each night during the month of December.  I started out with a few kiddie books, but I knew I needed to get some older ones as well so that R would still be interested in them as he got older.  I look for them all year long, and then he gets a new one every year for Christmas.  I don't quite have 25 yet, but am hoping to get there after Christmas from the sale rack!  ;)  Here are just a few that we have wrapped and under our tree for Ryder to pick out each night!  He loves it & gets so excited about unwrapping an old book!  Ha!

Merry Christmas-bright baby touch & feel (one of my favorite baby book brands!)

FROSTY the Snowman-by Jack Rollins & Steve Nelson

The Story of Christmas-by Patricia A. Pingry

The Pine Tree Parable-by Liz Curtis Higgs This is a story about giving to those less fortunate than us, and is written by a Christian author and has verses to go with the story on each page.  I got this as a little girl when my mom met the author at a conference.  

How the Grinch Stole Christmas-by Dr. Seuss Can you really go wrong here?  It's kind of long, but a fun read!

Can't Wait Till Christmas!-by AR former Governor, Mike Huckabee

Santa Mouse-by Michael Brown This is just a fun little story & even came with a little stuff Santa Mouse! ;)

Miracle in a Shoe Box-by Franklin Graham  This book is the story that goes along with Operation Christmas Child

I'll be Home for Christmas-by Holly Hobbie Goofy little story about a pig!  Ha!

Christmas in the Manger-by Nola Buck This was one of the first Christmas books I bought for R his very first Christmas when he was only 4 months old.  It's still a good read even today...

Merry Creature Christmas-by Dandi Daley Mackall Interesting little read about a bear that wakes up from hibernation to celebrate Christmas with his forest friends...

Merry Christmas Curious George-by H.A. Ray a pure classic!  This is one of R's favorites and a must on every Christmas bookshelf!  I actually found this hardback one at Goodwill for a whopping one dollar!

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty-by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) I bought this at TJ because it was by TPW, but I was a bit disappointed...not much of a story, or Christmas for that matter to it.  :/

Jolly Old Santa Claus-by Maryjane Hooper Tonn I picked this up this year at TJ because we didn't really have any about SC and this one touched on everything he does at the North Pole all year long which I thought was fun!  R hasn't read it yet, so we'll see how he likes it!

Stories of Santa-this is really just a book full of songs to learn about Santa

Step inside The First Christmas-this is another Goodwill find...and it's the story of Christ's birthday with 3D pictures.  I think R will like it...and it's something different than a normal book.  

There are SO many other Christmas books that I want to add to our collection, but I can only do a few at a time...but I look for them all year and that helps with building up our collection!  I want some that teach about the meaning of the candy cane, gingerbread man etc.  I am always scoring Amazon for new ones!

What are some Christmas books they y'all read each year?  I am anxious to hear, and will have to add them to my wish-list!  =)


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  1. Such a good idea! I will have to do this with Nathan once he gets a little older!


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