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Monday, December 31, 2012

Project 365...Week 48

{November 25}
 Why are they so sweet when they're asleep?

{November 26}
 R loves putting money in the salvation army bucket...and this night the bell ringers were dressed up like elves!  R loved it!

{November 27}
 R's Mimi got him some footed pajamas.  He has NEVER worn them, even as a baby, because his legs were so long, they wouldn't fit in the ones that were right for his age!  I could not believe he was wearing these and actually LIKED them!  They are now some of his favorite pjs, and I'm gonna have to get him some more for next winter!

 {November 28}
Helping me make up some hot chocolate mix!  Such a good helper! 

{November 29}
 He was so proud of our trees out on the front porch!

{November 30}
He loves Maggie's so much...it's the little things in life!  So happy about the Christmas trees instead of smiley cookies!

{December 1}
Our fun North Pole Breakfast!


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