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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mall Trip With Tonya & Luke

We were so happy to have Tonya & Luke stay with us on Thursday night!  Friday was "dead day" for me at school where we don't have class--so we decided to head to the mall to see Santa & make a build a bear for part of R's Christmas!

We laughed at this pic...because it's just real life!  Tonya & I grew up taking pics together when we were together & now that hardly ever happens now that R is around!  It's not about us any more!  Ha!  SO we tried to get a good one...& of course my lil man photo-bombs!  But that's okay!  ;)
We went to see Santa (post later! ;)) & then headed up stairs to go to build a bear!  This was Ryder's 2nd experience...but probably the first he remembers!  The reason I took him was because there is a bunny commercial on TV that he cries over ever time he sees it!  He tells me he wants a bunny that will "run to him & talk to him..." #breakmyheart I was about to go & get that baby boy a bunny, to keep in the backyard, (I had one when I was little) but then asked if a build a bear bunny would be okay & he said it would!  We picked out the perfect bunny & I recorded him a message to put in it's arm & we were good to go!  

At this point...he wanted to name him "Blowy" because she was blowing the bunny up with fluff!  I didn't think that was a very good idea for a name though!  ;)

She made him do all this stuff with the heart before we put it in the bunny!  Ha!  He did great!

Naming him!  We decided on Sticky!  Ha!  But we all kept calling him "Stinky" all day!  Ha!

Giving Sticky a BIG hug!
I love these little Newly Weds!  =)  So happy to have them as my house guests for the weekend!  =)  They are a HUGE help to me as well, even though they are my GUESTS!  R has a BLAST with Luke!  They played "Woody & Bulls-Eye" & "Spiderman & Buzz" all weekend!  ;)
We forgot to fluff  & brush Sticky, so we went back & did that!

Happy with our latest purchase...& then it was time for lunch, where my child at oh, ya know...12 fortune cookies.  Ha!

Thank you Luke & Ton for going with us & taking pics for us!



  1. I love his huge smile with the bunny! So worth it!

  2. Isn't Build a Bear the coolest place on Earth?
    My daughter (who is now 13) used to collect them when she was younger. I think she had probably 30 or more at one point. We got one at every Build a Bear location we found!


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