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Friday, August 21, 2009

ANOTHER week....

Dr. on Thursday's EXACT words..."Well, this baby must really like his due date." Sad day in my life...but I guess it just gives us a few more days to prepare for his arrival!

I went & got my manicure & pedicure today which was SO nice! I just read a magazine during my whole pedicure...it was nice just to lean back & relax!

The hubs & I went to Lowe's tonight to get some stuff for some of his jobs, ate McAlister's (which both of us LOVE!) & then came home...and he put Ryder's stroller together! WAHOO! He asked me if I was going to take pictures & I said yeah in just a minute...but I never got the camera fast enough! Ha! We're watching the Soloist now...

I have a big day planned for tomorrow...and I'm really looking forward to seeing a good friend! :)

Update w/ pictures tomorrow....OR the next!

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