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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today was such a BLESSED day!

I got up & did a few things around the house & then got ready to meet Allie @ one of our favorite places in town...STOBY'S! I hadn't seen her or spent much time with her just to chat & catch up in a good while. I was so blessed that she drove ALL the way down here to spend her Saturday with me! I had mom take some pictures of us...but I will not be posting my chubby checks...SORRY!

Of course we hit up Target afterwards...and we both got some good stuff! Of course some BASKETS (my current trend & favorite!), a table for Allie's room and some cute on sale clothing items!

We met my mom & aunt @ my house & we were busy lil bees ALL day long! We got things hung around the house, as well as the nursery! It just needs Ryder's letters above his bed, and it will be ready for pictures & a blog post! =)

Here is Ryder's coming home outfit which Jake picked up for me on Friday! =) I planned on him wearing a classic outfit when he came home from the hospital, then I decided on something more modern, personal & just...ME! I ordered the brown long-sleeve newborn onezie online as well as the hat. I got the argyle socks @ The Kitchen Store which have my GREEN in them, and found the lil newborn pants on sale @ Target. I got someone in town to monogram it, and now his outfit it COMPLETE!

I started to make my Cupcake Pops, which I am going to be handing out to guests when they come to see Ryder in the hospital (whenever he decides to make his appearance!)

A few pictures from my project:
ALL the stuff!
-1.25 inch flower cookie cutter (bottom right), vanilla almond bark, chocolate sprinkles, candy coloring, and food coloring (if needed)
-Vanilla frosting, chocolate almond bark, & cake mix
-Lollipop sticks, clear baggies & twisty ties
-Styrofoam to stick lollipop sticks to dry.

Here is the website I am following directions from ....mine will be all GREEN & CHOCOLATE BROWN to continue with my theme!

Step so far...baking the cakes! More to come as each step is completed!

I'll leave you with a 39 week belly picture! WOOOOAAHHH--


  1. Kati, Aidan and I were looking at your pics, and I said, "oh, look Kati is having a baby" and I moved the mouse over your belly in the picture. He said, "No, ball. Kati having baby ball." You know kids are always truthful! I was always pregnant from my head to toes by this stage. You look great! Boy will Aidan be surprised in a few days! Love the coming home outfit! Naynee

  2. HaHa! That is TOO funny! Little does sweet lil A know! ha! =) Thanks for the laugh!


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