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Sunday, August 9, 2009

1 weekend down....2 to go

We had a good weekend! Not too busy, not too boring! (Like that EVER happens!)

Friday night I thought I would be bored @ home...but it ended up not being so bad. I seem to get alot done while I'm here by myself...and time seems to fly by! I actually went to bed by like nine thirty. I woke up every 2-3 hours or so though...hoping & wondering if it was time for the hubs to get off work & come crawl in bed with me! He finally did...and we slept in till about ten, which KILLS him when he rolls over & realizes what time it is! Ha...he says I MAKE him sleep in!

Our neighbors that just had a lil baby boy 2 weeks ago, had a bunch of family over for BBQ & hamburgers Saturday afternoon & invited us over there. We hoped on the cooler cart & road over there. I had a gift for them and Braxton, and of course I wanted to see the sweet baby boy! The mom looked SO good for just have a baby 2 weeks prior. Braxton is still SO little! I think it made me and Jake even more ready & excited. I asked her what she would recommend doing/taking that they didn't think about since we're about to do the EXACT same thing in a very short period of time! That made me feel good and prepared...I still find myself texting her asking her random questions Jake & I think about.

We had some friends over for dinner...the hubs cooked some delicious Hawaiian chicken, his famous potatoes & grilled corn on the cob! I made brownies...haha! & sweet tea! I did end up eating the ENTIRE left over pineapple which was oh so PERFECT, and it literally BURNT the end of my tongue! Everything tasted funny & kinda hurt all night...haha! Come to find out pineapples have ALOT of acid in them, but it was worth it!

I got up & made the hubs some blueberry muffins this morning before church. I learned that next time I'll need to use TWO packages cause our "muffins" were more like blueberry cookies! Haha! They were still good I thought!

Worship this morning @ church was awesome, as always. I hate that I had to sit down less than halfway through...but I feel like I just have to hold Ryder up, and it's hard for the pain not to consume my thoughts, but I can still worship all the same! Less than 20 minutes into the sermon though, we had to leave. It's just so hard for me to sit there sitting STRAIGHT up...trying to lean against Jake, crossing my legs, uncrossing my legs...sitting up straight, leaning forward....just TRYING to get ANY relief I can. Jake looked over @ me and said you wanna go? And as much as I hated to say yes, I had been thinking it for a good while...almost bringing tears to my eyes from just the uncomfortableness.

Well...since we skipped church! :P hehe...NOT really! We went to Target and I got a bunch of travel size stuff for the hospital, some nursing bras, looked @ robes but they were all too short...and got Jake a new pillow & pillow case for the firehouse. By the time we were done, it was time to head to Market Place for lunch with the in-laws for Jake's mom's birthday. I got her a "grandma" card that I made from Ryder. I wrote MIMI on the front with my left hand, and signed it LOVE, RYDER on the inside with my left hand as well...and she CRIED! I thought it was awfully sweet! =)

I went with my dad to see Papa John @ the place his lives today. He is doing SO SO good! He looks good, talks good, his color is good, and he is just a mess like he used to be! I hate that I don't get out there more, but I'll be taking Ryder out there to see his Great-Grandfather VERY soon!

I cooked tonight...YES COOKED! Well...chicken cordon bleu out of a box, brown-sugared green beans, & left over specialty potatoes. It was a pretty good meal I thought!

I am running a trial run on what I'm making to give out to guests @ the hospital when they come to see Ryder! I'll do half of it tonight...and the rest tomorrow...can't tell what it is, but let's just hope it turns out!

America's Best Dance Crew starts tonight, as well as the season finale of Kendra. Sad day for me & Jake...haha! And of COURSE Army Wives! I'll have PLENTY to watch tomorrow! =)

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