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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Looking @ these sweet pictures almost just make me tear up. Isn't he PRECIOUS? These pictures are old, but the most recent ones of him I have from when he had his 3rd birthday party @ Chick-Fil-A in December. He is @ that precious age where you just can get enough of him!

With the book we got him. I had this book as a child, and we let them "borrow" it and it wanted it read to him so often, KeeKee bought him his own copy!

All this to say...

Friday I got up earlier than usual & drove to Searcy to spend the day with my 7 sweet cousins & my Nana. She was babysitting for the day while my aunt & oldest cousin were out for the day.

Before I could even turn my car off in their driveway, the door was wide open & 6 lil feet were running out to greet me. Sweet Sterling, Lil A & Ben! They give the BEST hugs & sometimes I almost feel like they are going to squeeze me to death! But I wouldn't trade it for the world!

We were laying up in Karleigh's bed reading some books, and Sterling (again...3 years old) looked @ me and said, "Why your belly sticking out like that?" How could I take offense to that? I just laughed and laughed, and then got it together enough to tell him that there was a baby boy in there, and that he would be out for all of us to see in a few short weeks. I grabbed his little hand and let him feel the hard spots on my belly & told him that that was baby Ryder. The look on his face, for a 3 year old to be thinking all about what he was just told was priceless, and one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed.

Later on that day, we were sitting up @ the bar, and you could tell he had been looking @ me thinking about something for a while. And then he said, "Kati, so your a mommy now?" & I just looked @ him and said yeah, I am! I guess to him, I have just always been a big cousin "kid" like him and all the other cousins (even though I'm the oldest). He put it all together that I was going to have a baby, and that would make me a mommy, even though I would still be a cousin of his, it was just different for him! I couldn't wait to get on the phone & share my precious moments throughout the day with Sterling with Jake on my way home.

I just love that boy...and it's hard to imagine I could love anything or anyone more than I love ALL of my little cousins. I guess I will find out what it feels like VERY soon! =)

Uplate later on my shower yesterday...

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