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Thursday, August 13, 2009

the Dr. said...

Visit to Dr. S yesterday wasn't very eventful. "Not Today" are his usual words.

I told him a/b my abscess experience (since I forgot last week). He measure my belly with his tape measure. Listened to Ryder's heart beat...it sounded fast to me, but who am I to know?! I asked him if he would induce me if Ryder hadn't arrived by the 30th. He said it depends on what my body is saying then. The lovely internal check as I stare up @ the ceiling..."NOT TODAY!" I had thinned out since last week, but still closed. :/ NOT what I wanted to hear, but I guess I should be thankful I have however much longer to finish getting things ready!

"Go have some contractions & I'll see you next week." HA! He thinks he is SO funny! Ha!!

The only appointments they had open next week were on Monday, and I was like I'm not coming back on MONDAY for him to tell me that nothing has changed! So they squeezed me in on Thursday! & Jake is going to try & go with me..it might be the last time...but I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up... :/

The last few nights I have gotten NO sleep @ all what-so-ever. I move from the bed to the couch for a few hours...back to thinking I can sleep in the bed...BACK to the couch...then realize THAT hurts my back too...so back to bed before hubs wakes up and realizes I'm not there! Ha! But really...it's NOT fun. Another problem is that Jake likes to sleep DIAGONAL in the bed. I'm all for snuggling, and we always like @ least our feet to touch, but when I'm BIGGER than normal...I need ALL the room I can get on my side of the bed. It also sucks that I only have two sleeping options. Right side or left side. No stomach...DUH, and I can't even THINK about laying on my back without having sharp pains in my lower back. SO...sadly, I look forward to his alarm going off every morning so I can stretch out and get some good, half-way decent, as good as I can get 9 months pregnant sleep. PHEWWWW....

I got a pre-natal massage today which was FABULOUS!!!!!! I thought they would have a table for me with a big hole in the middle for my belly...but they just did it on each of my sides for thirty minutes with a big body pillow to hug which was still great. I enjoyed it so much! As much as I enjoyed it, it FLEW by! That was a GREAT birthday gift from my great in-laws! =)

Enough about me for tonight...

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