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Monday, November 26, 2012

In Denial...

I think I am in denial that Thanksgiving Break is over and I have to teach a lesson tomorrow.  A lesson that I haven't even thought about.  Once.  Ha!  Oh...and an integrated unit plan due Thursday that I've know about for 4 weeks, that I haven't touched either.  Sigh.  I see lots of coffee and computer time in my near future.

Thanksgiving Break was such a little tease!!  It was so nice not to have a set schedule or routine going on...and me & lil bit could just go and do as we pleased!  Now, I just gotta push through these next two weeks of class, and then a week of finals and I will be on my way to another nice little holiday break!  =)

My list of things to accomplish in school prior to Christmas Break:

  • Math/Science Lesson Plan
  • Integrated Unit
  • 3rd Journal Reflection for Internship I
  • English Language Learner Reflection
  • 2 journal articles for Advanced Science Concepts
  • Written Science Lesson Plan
  • Math/Science Final
  • Build a heart and lungs large enough to walk through with my class! ;) {This should be FUN--but counts as our final!  WAHOO!}
On top of...decorating my house for Christmas, wrapping presents, going to Christmas parties for me and R, participating in Bethlehem Revisited at church, organizing our North Pole Breakfast...oh and ya know...shopping for Christmas gifts etc. etc.

This truly is a magically time of year...but I will NOT be upset when I am out of school and can truly enjoy it with my friends and family, and of course my little man!  ;)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Lunch @ Snuggle Bug

Last Tuesday was R's last day at Snuggle Bug before the Thanksgiving Holidays!  So...they had a pot luck Thanksgiving lunch for who ever wanted to come!  KeeKee was off work...and I actually had class, so KeeKee was gonna go eat lunch with R.  

I actually got out of class early & jetted over there...I wasn't gonna miss it if I didn't have to!  
 All the kids were decked out in Indian paint and head dresses!  They were all so excited to see their parents and grandparents and have them there to eat lunch with them!

We all sat down on the alphabet rug and listened to the kids sing their turkey song...so cute!
 Can you tell how excited someone was?!
Most of the kids wanted their normal lunch spots to eat at...which was so funny!   All of the food was so delicious and we are so thankful for such a wonderful school to open their home to everyone and for everything to be able to enjoy lunch with their kiddos!
KeeKee and Ryder man!

We had a great lunch and I'm already looking forward to next year's lunch!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving On The Farm

We had a wonderful day out on the farm today!  R has been talking about going out there to see Naynee and "her friends" for two weeks now!  The day was finally here & we were so happy to be out there with everybody! 

I woke up this morning just thinking about how thankful I am for my little man and what a blessing he has been to my life.  I never knew I could love someone as much as I love him.  I was also thinking about how blessed I am to have two of the most loving and selfless parents around, thankful for their jobs, and a warm house and bed to sleep in every night.  I could go on and on...year round, I try and take time to thank Him for all the blessings he has blessed me with, but today is a special day to reflect on all the wonderful things He has given me and my family.  

While reading the #shereadstruth Thanksgiving plan this morning while still laying in bed...I read a sentence that has been with me all day, I couldn't seem to get it out of my head.  It said, "He's the same God that was with you in your proudest moment and your deepest shame.  Loving you with a steadfast love."  WOW.  Now THAT is something to be thankful for!
We had Freckle Face Farm born and raised organic ham & turkey...YUMM!!  Look at all that fat...sick I know!  We cut it all off...it just means they were healthy piggies!  ;)

Bunky is pretty much the meat men...and specifically the smoker man!  Man can he cook a mean bird! :P

We watched the parade this morning before leaving...but missed Mister Elf on a Shelf, so I took this off a Twitter to show R!  Squeak will be coming back to our house before we know it! =)
These two guys are pretty tight!  =)  I'm thankful for a Poppy that loves my little man as much as I do!
Uncle G takin R for a ride on the Kabota...I think he was getting on to him for something!  :P  IMAGINE that!  ;)
Some of their pigs...
& this is CooKoo!  He has turned into the little "pet pig"...ha!

CooKoo was sleepy after loading up on slop!
R & Sterling!  They practically played outside ALL.DAY.LONG...except for when we ate!  It was such a beautiful day!

Sweet Nana & Papaw!

A few pics with my little man...

R is such an actor!  He cracks me up!

Thankful for another Thanksgiving and wonderful friends and family to share it with!  We are blessed beyond measure, and I think some days we tend to forget that!

Hope you and your families enjoyed a day full a laughter, food and fellowship as we did!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project 365...Week 46

{November 11}
 Ryder got to go down to the river for the first time & throw rocks...he looked at all the rocks & said, "We're gonna be out here a loooong time"...thinking we were gonna throw ALL the rocks into the water!  Ha!

{November 12}
 On our way to Snuggle Bug!  Gotta have blanky & Tang!

{November 13}
 Out at Mimi &Pawpaw's going to feed the cows!  Such a big helper!

{November 14}
 I was trying to take his picture with this fun Santa at TJ Maxx & he acted like he was scared of him!  I thought this picture was priceless!  

{November 15}
 While we were getting ready for school...he started to show me how to tie his shoes!  I had know idea he had started to learn how to at school!  

{November 16}
 I love Friday nights at home with my lil man--

{November 17}
Saturday we went & watched MacKenzie at her cheer expo at Hendrix!  R loved it!  =)


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project 365...Week 45

{November 4}
Sweet boy out at his dad's...love my country boy!

{November 5}
KeeKee picked him up from school & had to take him to OK Corral to get Uncle G some stuff.  R loved the entire store and even modeled a cowboy hat up on the saddle!  

{November 6}
He always looks so precious when he's sleeping...

{November 7}
He fell asleep with that dang wand in his hand....and woke up still holding it!

{November 8}

We finally got to see the elf feeding the reindeer at the north pole!  If you haven't had a chance to see them yet, you can see them HERE!

{November 9}
He put on my hoodie...and of course it swallowed him!  He loved it though!

{November 10}
He put my play glasses on & was saying "CHEEEESE!"  Ha!  He is seriously SUCH.A.HOOT!


Project 365...Week 44

{October 28}
Playing the "sleeping bag game" with Tangy before heading out to church...

{October 29}
Just having fun in bed before closing our eyes!  He is such a joy & SO much fun!

{October 30}
He got a little notebook at his Fall Festival & he decided that it was his "Handy Dandy Notebook" like Blue's Clues & was writing and drawing out clues he saw all over the house! ;)

{October 31}
Poppy's bank always dresses up with a theme...this year it was a Haunted House--& it was a biiiit scary!  Poppy was Dracula, but R wouldn't let him wear his teeth--he looked PRETTY good!  R was in his PJs because it was PJ day at school instead of wearing their costumes! 

{November 1}
 On the way to school...with a sucker in his mouth!  Ha!

{November 2}
Friday night playing "The Duck Game" with my sweet boy...I told him I wanted to take his picture & he said he needed to turn all the ducks around to face the camera so that they could smile too!  ;)

{November 3}
Saturday morning snuggles in bed watching the iPad, letting mommy sleep in a little bit!  Nothing better!