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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project 365...Week 44

{October 28}
Playing the "sleeping bag game" with Tangy before heading out to church...

{October 29}
Just having fun in bed before closing our eyes!  He is such a joy & SO much fun!

{October 30}
He got a little notebook at his Fall Festival & he decided that it was his "Handy Dandy Notebook" like Blue's Clues & was writing and drawing out clues he saw all over the house! ;)

{October 31}
Poppy's bank always dresses up with a theme...this year it was a Haunted House--& it was a biiiit scary!  Poppy was Dracula, but R wouldn't let him wear his teeth--he looked PRETTY good!  R was in his PJs because it was PJ day at school instead of wearing their costumes! 

{November 1}
 On the way to school...with a sucker in his mouth!  Ha!

{November 2}
Friday night playing "The Duck Game" with my sweet boy...I told him I wanted to take his picture & he said he needed to turn all the ducks around to face the camera so that they could smile too!  ;)

{November 3}
Saturday morning snuggles in bed watching the iPad, letting mommy sleep in a little bit!  Nothing better!


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