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Friday, November 2, 2012

Project 365...Week 43

{October 21}
 Wild man coverin' that pumpkin in blue paint at our Family Fall Fest

{October 22}
 R grabbed dress socks to put on before bed & insisted on wearing them, and then insisted on wearing them like this because this is how Poppy wears his dress socks!  ;)

{October 23}
 We woke up with a few man problems & luckily I had time to take him to Dr. before I had class...got things situated & off to school!

{October 24}
 I got wild man from school after he stayed the night with his Mimi & he was wearing one of his new shirts from Hawaii!  I'll let you read it...haha!  :P

{October 25}
 Mommy was on Fall Break--so R stayed home with me all day Thursday!  We had a fun park date & it was seriously 85 degrees!  So nice!

{October 26}
 Story time on the couch before bed...love when he snuggles me!

{October 27}
Before heading out to Snuggle Bug's Fall Festival!  So much fun!


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