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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Lunch @ Snuggle Bug

Last Tuesday was R's last day at Snuggle Bug before the Thanksgiving Holidays!  So...they had a pot luck Thanksgiving lunch for who ever wanted to come!  KeeKee was off work...and I actually had class, so KeeKee was gonna go eat lunch with R.  

I actually got out of class early & jetted over there...I wasn't gonna miss it if I didn't have to!  
 All the kids were decked out in Indian paint and head dresses!  They were all so excited to see their parents and grandparents and have them there to eat lunch with them!

We all sat down on the alphabet rug and listened to the kids sing their turkey song...so cute!
 Can you tell how excited someone was?!
Most of the kids wanted their normal lunch spots to eat at...which was so funny!   All of the food was so delicious and we are so thankful for such a wonderful school to open their home to everyone and for everything to be able to enjoy lunch with their kiddos!
KeeKee and Ryder man!

We had a great lunch and I'm already looking forward to next year's lunch!


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