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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Project 365...Week 46

{November 11}
 Ryder got to go down to the river for the first time & throw rocks...he looked at all the rocks & said, "We're gonna be out here a loooong time"...thinking we were gonna throw ALL the rocks into the water!  Ha!

{November 12}
 On our way to Snuggle Bug!  Gotta have blanky & Tang!

{November 13}
 Out at Mimi &Pawpaw's going to feed the cows!  Such a big helper!

{November 14}
 I was trying to take his picture with this fun Santa at TJ Maxx & he acted like he was scared of him!  I thought this picture was priceless!  

{November 15}
 While we were getting ready for school...he started to show me how to tie his shoes!  I had know idea he had started to learn how to at school!  

{November 16}
 I love Friday nights at home with my lil man--

{November 17}
Saturday we went & watched MacKenzie at her cheer expo at Hendrix!  R loved it!  =)


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