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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 books

I haven't really set "goals" for 2015 other than to "Be Still..."

...but like most people, I wish I had more time to READ!  I read a lot in HS during down time at school and that made me happy.  I miss that happiness that a book can bring!

Over the last year, as I would read about a certain book, or a new book would come out on a topic I was interested in, so I wouldn't forget about it, I added it to my Amazon wishlist.  Well, the Christmas fairies came through and I'm pretty sure I got ALL of those books for Christmas!  That's exciting and all...except you can't read all of them at once!  

I've been reading The Best Yes since September...and I love it, I just have taken it slow to be able to soak in all the goodness of it, but I'm ready to finish it so that I can reflect back on what it's taught me, and how to move forward with the knowledge and resources it has provided.  

And...I'm just ready to dive into all the other books I've been wanting to read! 
So...here is my list for 2015.  Surely I can get through 6 books in a whole year!  
The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst
The Essential 55 (this is a book about teaching, I've seen the movie, but want to read the book) by Ron Clark
Hand Free Mama by Rachel Stafford
Let's all be Brave by Annie Downs
Speak by Nish Weiseth
Praying for Boys by Brook McGlothlin

I'm not sure which one I"m going to read next!?  Any suggestions!  What should I add to my Amazon wish list for NEXT year!  Haha! ;)
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


We dealt with some sickness at our house this past week, but I think I can say we are over the hump and trying to hold out from getting anything else!
Sunday Ryder got to hang out with his friend Oakley and shoot guns at his dad's house...he even killed a opossum on the first shot!  We gotta get this boy a deer kill!

Monday he had a busy day of playing with his cousin Caleb--while I was at work on MLK day.  Don't they look like little farmer boys here!  Ha!
Ryder woke up about 2:30 am Tuesday morning unable to sleep and complaining about his stomach hurting...I knew something wasn't right because he sleeps like a baby!!

So we both made out way to the living room to watch TV--that's just what we do when he is sick!  Sure enough around 3 am he was throwing up....but luckily made it in the trash can.

Luckily we can log on online at any time of the day or night to say we need a sub, so that's what I did, while I quickly came up with lesson plans for my kiddos!  That's no fun at 4 am!!
We both slept until about 11 am...because he was up a few more times and it just wasn't a great night's sleep!  Even thought it was 11 in the morning...I still needed my cup of coffee! ;)  Even though I hate missing school, it's always a good day to spent at home with my baby (even though he wasn't feeling so hott!)

I just thought he had a little stomach bug and it would pass in 24 hours.  Until about 7 pm he started running a small fever, and I knew it was something more.  Well, after hours clinic closes at 8 so we rushed around to try and get there in time before they stopped taking patients for the night.

We made it...and they asked R to wear a mask, in case he had the flu.  He actually loved it.
New nurse comes in and starts to tell R she is going to swab his nose and throat and is like "I'll explain it to you..." I was like, "He doesn't need an explanation...we've done this 4 times since February of last year."  You could tell she just wasn't a go-getter...and that's the type of nurse that we need to deal with my child!  So I asked if our favorite nurse was there (happens to be a male...not that that matters) and HE WAS!!  He is the only and I MEAN THE ONLY person that has successfully swabbed R's throat the FIRST time...without there having to be 5 different people holding him down while he kicks and hits and screams at the top of his lungs.

We are SO thankful for Mr. Nurse and him being there that night!
Positive for Strep...which I will take any day over the Flu...so no complaints, but 4 times in a year.  I asked for a referrel to an ENT and you have to have it SIX times in a year for that.  Poo.  So we will wait a lil while longer and see what happens, or I'm gonna have to call my ENT myself.

I had severe problems with my throat for YEARS--and at one point, was taking shots daily to try and clear it up and it wouldn't...so I eventually had my tonsils out at 21--and it was the best thing I ever did...and I'm hoping it will end helping R as well--if we can get to that point!

So thankful for his Mimi keeping him for me on Wednesday and my mom keeping him on Thursday!  It's hard missing that much school when you teach MATH--cause you actually have to be there to TEACH them stuff...you can't just rely on them "reading" the material and doing worksheets!

R went back to school on Friday--and we were all SO happy!
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Monday, January 26, 2015

hammocking, as a verb

Last weekend was beautifully amazing...especially for January!  I finally got to put one of my Christmas presents to use!  A hammock wasn't really something I "wanted" until I got in one for the first time at my aunt's house...and I was like "I WANT ONE!!"--so Nana and Papaw got me one for Christmas!  Perfect. 

Everyone I know has Enos, but of course I want to be different...and went with Grant Trunk.  They're the EXACT same thing, but cheaper and they have cuter designs and colors! ;)

I let R test it out first...it was a little too low, so we had to raise it up a bit!  
I let him hammock with me for a bit...but that wasn't quite as relaxing as I was hoping it would be!  I had to tell him to QUIT MOVING!!!  I should have gotten him his iPad and things might have gone a little bit better than they did!  =)  But we had fun, none the less!
He even went inside without me asking and got me a pillow and a blanket, when I complained about my neck hurting!  SO sweet and thoughtful!
It was beautiful on Sunday as well...so while R was at his dad's a did some alone hammocking which included some peace and quiet while I tried to finish a book I've been reading since September.  WOMP WOMP.  
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

reese's spreads

I was given the opportunity to review the new Reese's spreads courtesy of Influenster.  I immediately knew I wanted to eat it with some apple slices.  We LOVE us some Honeycrisp apples around here...so of course that's what we tried out first!     
Plain peanut butter is too rich for me...and Nutella and such spreads are too hazelnut-ty...

The best way to describe it might seem very obvious...but it tastes exactly like a melted Reese's peanut butter cup!  
I loved it and R loved it!--He likes it with bananas and I liked it with pretzels!
It's already available at your local grocery store from three to four dollars.  It's a MUST try...at least, if not a regular pantry staple!  
My next plan...is to use it when I'm making puppy chow!  YUMM!  

All opinions my own, product courtesy of Influenster via Reese's Spreads Voxbox.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

deer woods with poppy

The day after Christmas, Ryder and Poppy loaded up in the truck and headed off to the farm.  I was a bit sad...but just glad they didn't leave on Christmas Day!  I knew they were gonna have a bigg'ole time together though, and they always come back with stories to tell!

Of course they had to make a stop at Mack's!  Santa didn't know that R needed and adult size hat...because the kid's hats were too small for his biggo dome! ;)
Ready to go!  
While they were away, I snuck in some time at the coffee shop with mom!   (The latte art is an ELEPHANT, not something else ;))

They saw a lot of deer, but no "shooters"--Poppy said R does great in the stand, even though he may get tired here an there!  

I wrapped things up with She Reads Truth's "Oh Come Let Us Adore Him" series, which was such a blessing!  The Truth never disappoints.  [Their LENT Study Packs are on sale for pre-order NOW--you better get them before they are GONE!]
Even thought Christmas was over...I hung up some fun lights in R's room.  I also found him a new bedspread at TJ Maxx of course that goes GREAT with the route I am taking with his room.  & notice the dream catcher hanging from the fan that he got for Christmas!  LOVE it! 

I think that FINALLY wraps up December!  I sure hope so! 

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Monday, January 19, 2015

post-christmas, christmas break stuff!

Christmas Break was such an enjoyable time I got to spend with my little guy!  I'm thankful for every crazy minute I get to spend with him!
Lovin' his new Duck Dynasty shaving kit!
He saw Uncle G wearing his towel like this...and wanted to copy!  :P
Signing thank you notes!
One has been my love for years, one is my new love.  
This boy is CRAZY about Legos!!
I'm such a mean ole mama...I make him go to the coffee shop, and drink hot chocolate and hang out with KeeKee and Poppy! 
We made a trip to Nana's to help take down her Christmas tree and R got some one-on-one time with cousin Aiden!  
The boys even helped Papaw pile up some firewood!  They loved it!  
Nana gave me these paper-mache Santas and when we got home we realized they were YOGA Santas!!  HAHA! 
Big helpers!

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