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Saturday, January 3, 2015

my verse for [2015]

It was during my She Reads Truth devotional for Christmas Day (that I didn't actually get to until the day after Christmas..) while I was reading through Psalm 46:4-11 that I read this verse.  It's one I've read many times before, but this time it was different.  I knew it was going to be my verse for 2015.  I feel like there are a lot of strings attached to this verse that can lead us into so many different directions and different aspects of our life, in which we can apply it.  

In this day and time, we rarely have time to "BE STILL".  With every day house hold things that have to get done and taken care of, all the school stuff you have to remember to do, and everything I have to do to succeed at my job (outside of the 8-4) and then on the rare occasion I might want to try and relax and live a little, it's hard to find the time to just be still!  Oh...and then there's this thing that seems to be attached to so many of our fingers called a smart phone, that rarely allows us to even think about the act of being still.  And...that's where I want things to change.

I want to be still and sit down and watch a whole movie with R without checking my phone, or worrying about changing the clothes out from the washer to the dryer.  I want to be still and sit on the floor and play Paw Patrol with him (even though I never really learned how to "play").  I want to be still and go on more bike rides and walks with R even if it's too hot or cold out.  I want to be still and sit down to actually eat with R instead of feeding him first, and then making my meal and usually not even getting the change to sit down to eat with him because he is already done.  I want to be still and sit down to actually read a book that's just for fun!  I want to be still with the ones that I love most. 

We don't always have to be out doing something just to "do something" or out spending money just to be "spending money".  BE STILL Kati!  

Those are all worldly things of "being still", but what about all the spiritual aspects of being still?  Being still and spending time with our Savior.  Being still and listening to Him.  Being still and talking to Him.  Being still and being in true awe of Him.  

I want to be still so that I can allow myself to hear Him, to see Him working in my life, to make myself more mindful of following Him, and to allow myself to fall more in love with Him.  Oh, how I would be more aware of these things if I would only be still

But we can't forget the rest of the verse.  He will be exalted among the nations AND the earth.  That day is coming y'all!  He said He was going to come to the Earth and He came!  He said He was going to die and He died!  He said He was going to raise from the dead and He did!  He said He's coming back some day...and HE IS!  Until then, we must be still

There are endless areas in which I can learn to be still.  Life is a work in progress.  I'm a constant work in progress.  I feel like we can't move forward until we realize exactly how we want to move forward.  This is my desire for moving forward in the days ahead. 

I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way and can work on improving this area of my life!  What are somethings you are going to do in the coming year to try and be more "still"? 
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