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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chatbooks Y'all!!

Someone posted about Chatbooks on IG a while back and I knew I had to see what the fuss was all about! I  instantly downloaded the app and gave it a try!  After some looking around and thinking what a deal $6.00 was for a book of 60 pages...I knew this was exactly what I needed and had been wanting for all my pictures!  

It took me some time to go through and "exclude" some of my IG pictures that I didn't want in my books, and once I did that...I had 17 volumes worth of pictures.  I knew I had to start somewhere--and this was it!  I bought them all and couldn't wait for them to get in!

I actually had forgotten that I had ordered them, especially with all the Christmas gifts I had been ordering for other people, and when I got them in my mailbox I literally SCREAMED--R thought something was seriously wrong!  Ha!  Nope...just my order of Chatbooks! 

The past two months since we have had them...I've caught myself looking through them, I've caught R sitting down looking through them, and extended family (who may or may not have IG) have gotten the chance to sit down and look at them, which just makes my heart happy!   

I opted to have a "subscription" with them, which has been so nice!  As soon as you have new pictures on IG, they know about it.  No uploading them, e-mailing them or getting them from your phone to your computer, etc. Once you have filled up a new books with 60 pictures, they e mail you and tell you that your next volume is full and you have 48 hours to edit the book to your liking.

I'm thankful for this, because I usually go back and have about 5-10 pictures I want to exclude from the book, which makes my book no longer "ready" to print, so they don't print it.  And then the whole process starts over again.

When I get another e-mail telling me it's ready to be edited, I go back again and exclude any pictures I might want to exclude, and then pick the picture I want on the cover and leave it as is.  They will see that I still have 60 pictures in there...and after 48 hours they will print and ship!  Easy as that!  They basically take care of everything for you, which is so nice for busy, working-mamas like myself!
I recently saw Chatbooks post about these Target Dollar Spot baskets on their IG.  I knew I had to have them, and luckily my store had some!  They were just too perfect for housing my Chatbooks!
Right now I have them on the sofa table behind our love-seat...but I love that they are all together if we want to just pick them up and take them some where else to enjoy.  
Here's where it gets FUN!

They announced a while back, that they were starting to offer books with up to 300 pages.  I thought this was GREAT, but commented to ask if they would ever consider going up to at least 365 pages, so that we could print "A Photo A Day" pictures for an entire year...so that you could have them all together in one book, instead of being chopped up into a bunch of different books.
They (@chelsprince) quickly commented back stating they would, "Keep this in mind for the future."  Good enough answer for this customer, and I was just impressed I got a direct reply at all!  But I honestly didn't really think about it again....UNTIL...
I saw this!!!

I about screamed when I saw it!  I was so excited that they took my idea and RAN WITH IT!!  My dad says I need to ask them for royalties!  Ha!

I haven't had the chance to order my "Pic a Day" book from 2014 yet, but I plan to do so soon!

An awesome feature that I love that Chatbooks offers is being about to pull all the pictures off of IG that has a certain #hashtag.  This way you don't have to go through and pick out all the picture you want in your book one-by-one, and IG/Chatbooks basically do all the work for you!  
So, there ya have it!  Are you ready to go order your own Chatbooks now?!  YOU SHOULD!  

Use my referral code QPANHW2K to get your first Chatbook for FREE!!!  Yay! 

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