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Thursday, January 1, 2015

pre-Christmas, Christmas break shenanigans

This Christmas break has been so nice!  I have never relaxed and made so many memories with my lil guy like I have during this break!  I think it's his age...and I'm so thankful for that!  
Since I finished addressing my Christmas cards on Friday, we had to get to the post office on Saturday to buy stamps and get those puppy's in the mail so they would reach our favorite people before Christmas!  We had a rather long wait, but it was worth it and R loved helping me put the stamps on our cards and putting them down the shoot.  He said, "I've always wanted to put mail down there."  
We ran to Chick for lunch of course...I even let R play in the play place, which doesn't happen often, so he was excited about that.  
I then locked myself away to wrap Christmas presents.  I would wrap a few and then he would come get a stack and deliver them to the tree!  He was a great helper and I was so thankful to have him willing to help!  
To give us one less thing to do closer to Christmas...since we spent the night at KeeKee and Poppy's on Christmas Eve, I wanted to have our presents for all of them over there and ready to go, so we loaded up the wagon and headed across the street.  
I love to read what Ryder says each week in JAM Junior.  This week the question was, "Who can tell you about Jesus?" and he said, "My KeeKee."
Sunday afternoon his dad took him to one of his favorite places...JumpZONE!  He had a blast as always!  
I was introduced to this yummy goodness a while back, but I thought only SAM's carried it.  I was so happy to see it at our Neighborhood Market--OMG too much goodness in a bag!!!
Lots of Pajama Days at home and playing at the coffee table!  
He asked me to teach home how to vacuum!  SURE Ryder!  =)

He has his tools out and was "working" on the coffee table!  
He woke up from his nap one day and said, "Since I took a good nap, can I go to KeeKee and Poppy's house?"  Then they asked if he wanted to spend the night...so I packed his bag and sent him across the street!  
I ran some much needed last minute errands with all the other crazies around town...but avoided the mall!  You can't pay me enough to be out there the week of Christmas.  
Spending some time at Mimi's!  

He even spent some night making pies with his cousins and Aunt Amanda!  

A busy time, but so thankful for the break in our regular routine to do different things!
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