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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cheap toy, Grocery Shopping, Snow Day & Bath time & HUGE SALE!

Ryder's new cheap entertainment is a little bag of chips! I think he loves the sound it makes and just how flexible it is! TOO FUNNY! He just kept trying to eat it!


Ryder had been IN Wal-Mart a few times, but just for like one item. I finally broke down and took him for some real hardcore grocery shopping! I hadn't taken him from fear of H1N1 etc. As long as I sterilized my hands after I touched store stuff before I touched him, I figured he was okay! He was SOO good the whole time! Even if he was tired, all the newness makes him WIDE awake and just so curious! He just talked & talked & talked, and everybody wanted to see the sweet baby that was making all that noise!

"I'll go grocery shopping with you anytime!"

Friday was Ryder's first snow day! Mommy was out of school and so was KeeKee & Uncle G! First it was just bad ice, but then early afternoon it started SNOWING, so we got all bundled up for a few minutes and went outside and checked it out! I wish we would have gone out later when the ground was covered, it's SO pretty now!

"Why do I have so many clothes on?"
My sweet boy!
He wasn't quite sure what to think!

With KeeKee!
Naked boy before getting a bath!

Ohh! & have I mentioned someone is sitting up!? Pictures to come soon!

I went into The Children's Place tonight hoping to find a FEW deals. BOOOOOY was I WRONG! There was so much cute stuff on sale! All the signs above racks said $2.99 but then I would look at the tag and it would say something else...so I asked like THREE times..."All this is $2.99 even though the tag says different?" And they said YES! I was like ALRIGHT! I had to go back to the front of the store to get a bag cause my fingers were starting to hurt from all the hangers! I got sweaters, sweatshirts, rugby shirts, corduroy pants, cargo pants, gloves all for next year of course. I just hope he doesn't hit a growth spirt! ...SO much stuff for only $46.95! The original prices of everything would have been close to $175! I was SOO proud of myself! Buying stuff on sale is the only way to shop!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


No class for me tomorrow!

Someone HAS to be teething! His gums aren't so "pointed" any more...but more flat.

We ate some new Rice & Mixed Fruit cereal today THREE times!

He just LOVES his exersaucer...I have never seen a child bounce and kick their legs so much!

Sad Grey's & Private were reruns tonight.

Day 11 of 30 day Shred made me feel SOOOO good! It's really getting easier, and I'm so proud of myself! I can see a difference in my stomach more than anything.

I'm happy & also sad mom & dad are about to leave on their K*Love friends & family cruise.

Which reminds me...Dad realized he had lost his Passport tonight. Tried to order a new one in 24 hours which cost and arm and a leg, but couldn't find his Birth Certificate. After searching a lil harder, and looking in the very first place he looked this morning...he found it!!

I look at Ryder and just think how amazing and perfect he is. I know every parent thinks that about their children, but it's just so amazing to me that not ONE single thing is wrong with him. God is SO good, and I am the first to say that I take it for granted too often. He still amazes me to think that he grew so perfectly inside of me for 9 months. WOW! How can someone not believe in God after having a baby?

Did I mention no class tomorrow?!?!

I have been hitting up online clothing sales for little man for next winter, and have gotten some pretty cute and cheap stuff!

I'm in the process of getting a Blog Makeover..WAHOO!! 'Bout dang time huh?!

I made Kung Pao Chicken the last two nights for dinner, and it has been SOO good! Everyone loves it!

I feel like once I finish reading a chapter for a certain class for the week, I realize it's the end of the week and I better start reading the next chapter!

Ryder can pretty much sit up on his own now! He will fall sideways every once and a while...but he's getting there!

He will also take steps if you are holding his arms up above his head....I'm surprised he knows what to do already! Forget crawling! We'll be walking first!

Believe it or not, I am already trying to plan out his first birthday! I am getting alot of good ideas from other blogs, and am still tossing around a few different theme ides! I look forward to crafty and doing a bunch of little projects for it!

Maybe we'll get to get out and play in the snow tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One year ago...YESTERDAY I started this blog for my lil Ryder-Man! Hard to believe huh? And Ryder was just a lil bitty ole peanut in my belly, & I was skinny back then! Lol....I will get my old body back SOON! Back then I never saw myself as "skinny" but I was happy with my body. Now...I'm like..."Dang, I sure was skinny!" Ha! Guess that's what happens when you house a lil one for 9 (or 10, almost 11) months! I wouldn't trade if for the world though! We have been kinda cooped up inside the last few days. Too cold and windy to get little man out! He has alot of super cute clothes that just don't work out seasonally for us...and I didn't want this sweet lil Polo outfit to go to waste and never get worn, so I put it on him yesterday with some little sandles just for a photoshoot! He is such a HAAAMMM! I love how he just opens his mouth SOO wide when he smiles! He is such a happy little boy!

He is such a JOY! I had night class tonight, and he stayed with KeeKee & Pops...mainly Pops, and had some cereal and was really good! I got out about an hour early, so that was a nice relief! He is down for the night, and I'm about to do some 30 day shred with my BFF, Jillian!

Journal so far...

Monday Day 1
-SO hard! Couldn't barely bend over the crib to pick Ryder up, and my legs were like Jell-O

Tuesday Day 2-
A little bit easier, but so glad I was pushing through!

Wednesday Day 3
-Not so easy, but better than Monday

Thursday Day 4
-I was doing GREAT...it actually was easier towards the end

Friday Day 5
-Still getting easy....so proud of myself for going FIVE days in a row!

Saturday Day 6
-Took a break, but was okay with it

Sunday Day 7
-Didn't plan on taking a break, but I did.

Monday Day 8
-Not every going to take a 2 day break EVER again!

Ryder went to the church nursery for the first time on Sunday. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I knew he was in good hands, and the only reason it has taken me this long to do so, is because of GERMS! But I toughened up and did it! And really...it wasn't THAT bad! There were only 4 other kids in there with him for the late service, so that also helped! I thought he would sleep the whole time, but of course not! There were too many new and fun and exciting things to look at! He was up the WHOLE time, and then took half a bottle! My lil boy is getting to be SUCH a chunk!

Friday, January 22, 2010

back to school & a few new things...

lil punkin's first thought @ cereal...
"what is this chunky stuff mom!?"
Precious Love
Trying to talk, WHILE eating cereal!
"I like it...but it's CHUNKY!"
Sweet Boy!
Sick of pictures already!
Love my sweet boy! Mommy's first day back to school!
Too much fun on KeeKee's head!
My Chunky Monkey in his Razorback outfit!
SOO happy & lovin' those CHECKS!
Got himself caught up in the corner of his bed...
Mid-day bath after an explosive diaper!
All Preppy in his Polo!
My punkin' that rolls over ALL the time now!
Onesie that matches Daddy's! Look @ my rolls!

SO SO happy!
In his lil puma outfit, and shirt that Auntie Anna got him!

-I have been doing 30 day shred for 4 days now. Haven't lost any weight, but it's been kicking my butt, & I feel SOO good afterwards!
-Yes, back to school for this mommy! 9 hours IS enough! But enjoying it so far!
-Punkin' loves his Bumbo with tray, and we try to feed him cereal once a day, but easier said than done. He likes it but doesn't LOVE it!
-He can now spin around in his exersaucer!
-He got to go for a stroller ride earlier this week since it was so pretty...no pics though MY BAD!

We're ready for the weekend, don't have many big plans, but maybe I'll try and do better at blogging...(like I always say!) It's hard juggling school, a baby...30 day shred, eating! HA! AND blogging...@ least I take pictures though right?

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We are growing up SO fast!
Not the best picture...but he was talking in ALL of them!
This is what lil man was doing the other night when he was SUPPOSED to be asleep!
Mom caught them like this the other night!

4 months...what you've been up to this month!
-I gave you your first teething biscuit and you loved it!
-We celebrated your first Christmas...and it was so fun with you!
-FINALLY in one diapers!
-Alot of 0-3 and 3 month clothes are fitting any more.
-We have put you in some 6 & 9 month outfits that fit! WOW!
-Sucking in your lips and trying to talk...pretty much making a HUMMMING sound!
-You pulled a whole tervis tumbler FULL of sweet tea all over yourself and mommy!
-You figured out how to throw your head back! It's TOO funny!
-Loving your Bumbo...and new tray!
-Still sleeping through the night! You even let me sleep in till 930 this morning!
-Grabbing everything in sight!
-We have caught you chewing on JUST your thumb lately. I am like NO NO!!
-You will just grin when you can hear your momma's voice even if you can't see her!
-Loving your Exer-Saucer Santa got your for Christmas!
-You love bathtime...I can't wait till you splash around in there!
-Your now sleeping in your big boy crib full time.
-I'm feeding you 7-8 oz. each feeding.
-We go to the Dr. Monday for your 4 month well child ck up...I can't wait to see how much you have grown!
-You try to text on mommy's phone!
-You have even clicked the mouse pad on the laptop a few times with your TOES!
-Still just loves to talk talk TALK!
-Will talk to yourself in the mirror...and reach out for that "little boy!" HA!
-Really starting to love your POPS! He can make you grin EVERY time!
-More and more people are saying you look like your Pops and you do! That's not a bad thing either!