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Friday, January 22, 2010

back to school & a few new things...

lil punkin's first thought @ cereal...
"what is this chunky stuff mom!?"
Precious Love
Trying to talk, WHILE eating cereal!
"I like it...but it's CHUNKY!"
Sweet Boy!
Sick of pictures already!
Love my sweet boy! Mommy's first day back to school!
Too much fun on KeeKee's head!
My Chunky Monkey in his Razorback outfit!
SOO happy & lovin' those CHECKS!
Got himself caught up in the corner of his bed...
Mid-day bath after an explosive diaper!
All Preppy in his Polo!
My punkin' that rolls over ALL the time now!
Onesie that matches Daddy's! Look @ my rolls!

SO SO happy!
In his lil puma outfit, and shirt that Auntie Anna got him!

-I have been doing 30 day shred for 4 days now. Haven't lost any weight, but it's been kicking my butt, & I feel SOO good afterwards!
-Yes, back to school for this mommy! 9 hours IS enough! But enjoying it so far!
-Punkin' loves his Bumbo with tray, and we try to feed him cereal once a day, but easier said than done. He likes it but doesn't LOVE it!
-He can now spin around in his exersaucer!
-He got to go for a stroller ride earlier this week since it was so pretty...no pics though MY BAD!

We're ready for the weekend, don't have many big plans, but maybe I'll try and do better at blogging...(like I always say!) It's hard juggling school, a baby...30 day shred, eating! HA! AND blogging...@ least I take pictures though right?

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  1. Oh, he is soooooo cute! Just drop him off and leave! Those are some great pics. I wanted to tell you, I am so proud of you! I know things have been unsettling lately, but you are stepping up and taking care of your business. I love you and continue to pray for you! Naynee


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