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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

movin' on up

I’m usually a Rhea Lana shopper when it comes to R’s clothes.  Even though I consigned with them this Spring, I never made it out there to shop.  It’s not really worth it to me to going during the week if you don’t make it out there on the first day.  

So...every time I go to Target or TJ I browse the racks of little boy clothes to see what I can find.  I do care about what he wears every day, but at the same time a) he’s a boy b) he goes to school every day and c) clothes are just that...CLOTHES!

I would say that kids’ clothes are semi-expensive but I’ve just gotten used to it over the years.  Yeah it stinks they can only wear it for a season...but that’s just how it rolls!  But I can’t complain because TJ usually never disappoints and a lot of times I’m there, I find great stuff for R(Nike, Under Armour etc.) that’s cheaper than the same things (minus the name brands) at Target.

I knew Target had cute little boy play clothes...which are perfect for R since he is going to school everyday, but if you don’t get them when they first come out then you’re probably not going to get any.  I decided to look around one day when we were running through Targ for something else.  He is still 4 years old, yet 5T stuff is no longer fitting...especially being too short in the torso.  So I knew when buying for this Spring/Summer I needed to go an even BIGGER size.  Well...little boy sizes stop at 5T.  How is this possible?!

{Insert sad Mama tears here.}

So I had to walk across the aisle at Target into the BIG BOY section!  Sizes from ⅚, all the way up to size 18!  I was in utter shock that I was having to shop over there!  I was NOT prepared for it...like, AT ALL!  Granted, he still needs everything in what is now an XS but still--this Mama was strugglin’!!  I’m glad my mom was there to help talk me through it!

Also...I was once again slammed when I looked at the price tag.  I’m used to paying $8-12 for a good pair of shorts...and these were all at least $14.99.  Which if you think about a bigger boy’s pair of shorts, that doesn’t sound too bad--but R’s still semi-little size, sounds like a lot in comparison!

Anyways...I’ll pay what I have to pay to get him the clothes I want him to have, but it was still a shocker.  I am already dreading the teenage days when he actually cares about the brand and looks of his clothes, rather than me just picked out what I want him to wear.  I’m sure he’ll also be growing out of those every six months or so...I guess I better start saving my pennies now!

So new Mamas--you’ve been pre-warned! ;)  Yes it’s fun and cute, especially at the beginning but sometimes it can’t be a bit exhausting!  Unless you have a paycheck just for kids clothes--now THAT would be nice!

#katiaday2014 {week 12}

{march 19}
 Somebody was hiding in the flower beds wanting to be an "army guy"--creative lil one!

{march 20}
 Trip to Dick's always calls for a stop at the putting green!  He never forgets!

{march 21}
 Somebodies for trip to the farm with the boys!  He was so excited and so was Poppy and Uncle G! 

{march 22}
 Making their way around the farm getting cushions out of all the deer stands!

{march 23}
 Glad to finally have my little man back!  I missed all those messes in the middle of my floor! :P

{march 24}
 First day of Spring Break!--trying to keep someone's learning skills on point!  He did GREAT!  He's been killing it with numbers recently...can even count all the way to 70!

{march 25}
Errands all day after a yummy breakfast at Stoby's!  He's the best running errand buddy! ;)


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring/summer reading list

All through my Internship last fall, I wanted to READ!  I had read Divergent over the summer and slowly got through Insurgent during my Internship...but after that I wanted to read EVERYTHING, but I knew I honestly didn’t have the time and I was so sad about that!  

Any time I was spending leisurely reading, I knew I should be studying, or working on assignments due at the end of the semester.  It was hard to find time to squeeze a little leisurely reading in along with going to school every day 745-330.   

I was looking forward to graduating just so I could read books!  Ha...books I wanted to read, not overpriced textbooks!  

In High School I would read in class all the time when we had down time.  I usually had one of the Harry Potter books or something written by Nicholas Sparks with me.  That’s about as far as my reading got (and I’m okay with that!)

I finally finished Allegiant in mid January...I was ready to finish it to complete the Divergent series, especially since the movie was coming out in March.

I really enjoyed the series as a whole, but Divergent was my favorite book by far.  Insurgent I felt like was too long and drawn out and a lot of it could have been left out, but that’s just me!  Allegiant kept my attention...but was also confusing at times...and the end was complete SHOCKER!  But still happy I read the series!

I knew I wanted to read something by Nicholas Sparks afterwards...to get a little romance in my life!  Ha!  I took to his latest book The Longest Ride and let’s just say it was the best little ride! ;)  It is set in modern times and two love stories intertwined into one book.  It’s interesting to see how the two stories end up tying together.  I finished it in record time {for me!} which says a lot about how good it was!

Not everyone enjoys Nicholas Sparks’ books, but I have always loved them since the movie of The Notebook came out!  I don’t know if I can pick a favorite though!  I have all of his books and most of his movies...right now my favorite movies of his are Safe Haven and The Lucky One.  Both such sweet love stories!  

I knew his next movie coming out was The Best of Me, so that was my next book of choice.  I wanted to make sure I read it before it came out in theaters (October 2014).  It’s not nearly as long as The Longest Ride {no pun intended! ;)}...but I’m having a little trouble getting into it, but hoping that it is going to get moving at a faster speed soon.  Good or bad, I know I’ll be glad I read it before I see the  movie!

I just heard about The Fault in the Stars yesterday and had honestly seen the cover a few times floating around the web, but never paid much attention to it.  So of course I ran to Mr. Google to see what all the hype was about.  I watched the trailer and noticed one of the main characters was being played by one of the same girl who is playing Tris in Divergent...Shailene Woodley!  I haven’t been STOCKED about her being picked to play Tris, but I guess if she’s an up and coming star...there’s a reason she’s in too hot movies coming out this summer.  

So I guess she’s basically what reeled me in, and now The Fault in the Stars is next on my “To Read” list!

Monday, March 24, 2014

meg's bridal shower {yellow & grey texan theme}

Last Saturday I was happy to be apart of showering one of my dear pledge sisters, Meg with wonderful blessings along side many other girls from my pledge class.  Meg lives in TX and we had girls come in from all over the state...so it was so nice to have all of us in one place for a few hours!  

Meg loves the color yellow, as you will be able to see!  The invitations were yellow and grey as well with an attached recipe card.  As our RSVP, we were to fill the card out with our favorite recipe and mail it back to the hostess, and then she gave them all to Meg in a recipe box!  How fun!
Everything at Anna's house is always beautiful and perfect--her and her mom are the perfect little party planners!  I can't count how many showers we have had there and each one has been so different and perfect!  :P  This was a beautiful sit down luncheon.  We had chicken salad, rolls, yummy salad and coconut pie (yellow of course!).

 I love how all the plates were "different" yet still the same!
The little yellow roses were mints, homemade by one of the hostesses!  
Sweet tea of course!  What southern shower doesn't have sweet tea?
The chicken salad had mandarin oranges in it, which was something I had never had before, but I LOVED it and will definitely have to find that recipe soon!
With one of my pledge sisters, Bethany and one of my dear friend's sister...Molly Anne!  LOVE them both!
One of the sweetest gifts all day!  Meg's grandma passed away recently and one of her cousins designed this Banana Pudding recipe of her grandma's and framed it!  This is one of Meg's favorite recipes of her grandma's.   I think it will look great hanging in her kitchen in her new home!
More of the Texas and yellow decor!

All of the EEEs at the shower!  PC 1979-2011 I'm pretty sure!  So much fun, and LOVE these girls!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

saturdays with poppy and oaklawn

Saturdays have turned from Mommy/Ryder days to Poppy/Ryder days!--& I'm okay with that!  They do things me and R wouldn't normally do!  The last couple of Saturday days they have hit up multiple parks in one day, gotten ice cream and just spent quality time together.  My dad is a lover of the "great outdoors" and I love that he is passing that love down to my little man!

Funny story:  R was holding the wire thing of crickets in the back seat of my dad's truck, and the guy hadn't shut the lid tight enough and it ended up opening up.  R didn't notice (or did and didn't do anything about it) and 30+ crickets got out!  By the time my dad realized, you couldn't see the crickets any more...only hear them!  They chirped in there for 3-4 days...I guess they're dead but we can't find them!  

Sunday we headed down to Hot Springs to watch the horses race!  We stopped in LR to eat brunch at the fabulous Yaya's!  SO good!  I love me some Eggs Benny, and I got just that!

This was our second year to join in on the St. Patty's Day party with the fam and it was a lot of fun as always!  We missed dad being with us, but we still made bets for him!  :P  


Friday, March 21, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 11}

{march 12}
Allison got her wedding picture back from Lyndsey Sullivan!  Look are precious these cuties are!

{march 13}
He love his Tang.  He's had it since he was 1-2...never goes a night without him.  

{march 14}
R spent the evening at the lake with Poppy, fishing, throwing rocks, looks at the geese and playing on the playground!  So thankful for such a sweet and fun Poppy who is teaching R how to "love the outdoors".  

{march 15}
I was so thankful I got to go to a wonderful shower for one of my pledge sisters, Meg who is getting married next month.  She lives in TX, but came back to AR so we could shower her and Jeremiah!  So good seeing so many of my friends from all over!  This is all the EEEs that were at the shower (oldest pledge class 1979!)

{march 16}
Sunday we spend the day at the races celebrating St. Patty's Day with family and friends!  {Considering this was only my second time at the races...I will brag and said I won something on EVERY race except for the last! :P  Only minimal bets though...but I'll take it!}

{march 17}
R had a fun day at school when Engine 2 came to visit with them about Fire Safety!

{march 18}
Even though he already has it on his iPad...thank you KeeKee for ordering us a DVD copy as well!  This little guy was excited!  I don't know who he loves more--Elsa or Olaf! ;)

I can now officially say I am caught up on #katiaday2014 weekly posts!   Feels good!  =)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 10}

 {march 5}
 We love some cuddle time on the couch before bath and bed time!

{march 6}
 Watching the girls karaoke at a local Mexican restaurant!  

{march 7}
He drew this and said, "It's stairs, with an attic underneath...and a door...we don't have that, but some people do."

{march 8}
 "Looming" bracelets for his friends!

{march 9}
 Loving creating new things everyday with his Legos!

{march 10}
 Making a swamp in the backyard!  Finally getting pretty enough outside to play after school!

{march 11}
Filling the swamp back up!