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Monday, March 3, 2014

sickly for too long!

Little guy has been down and out since about Wednesday night.  He was semi hot Tuesday night, but he sweats when he sleeps so I wasn't TOO concerned.  Wednesday after school, he just wanted to lay on me on the couch so I knew something was up...so off to the doctor we went!  

I had to carry him inside and after answering questions with the nurse, she took his temp and it was 104.5.  I felt like a HORRIBLE mom at that point, but at the same time...R doesn't every complain much and that wasn't something I had ever experience with him, so I just didn't know.  At least we were at the Dr.'s office RIIIIGHT?  They immediately got him some meds to bring that down.
Even though his throat wasn't even red, they still have to test him for strep and the flu...which R is old enough now to know what they are about to do and it's NOT a pretty site!  He actually had to be swabbed for strep twice.  OMG.  You would have thought I was taking away all of his toys!  :(  The sweet nurses brought him a popsicle and a gatorade...

We were given some antibiotics, inhaler and cough medicine and off we were...
Even though sugar is the last thing you need when running a fever, I got lil guy a McFlurry because of what he had to endure at the Dr.'s office...
Luckily I was out of school on Thursday for parent/teacher conferences so I kept R home with me.  He wasn't running a fever...and he was even playing Dr. Ryder with me!  
We went to lunch with Poppy...and hit up Target where I discovered they are turning it into a grocery!!  WAHOO!!
It was pretty outside when we got home...so I let lil guy play outside!  He LOVED it and I was so glad he was feeling good enough to play!
Thursday night Pooh spent the night with us as she was driving through town, and Allie came and watched Scandal and Grey's with us!  Such a fun and unexpected night with friends!  When I was going to bed I checked on R...and he was running a fever again.  It got up to 103...which is something you don't mess around with.  We rubbed ice packs and cold wash clothes all over him until it finally went down.

The next day was my last day to long term sub...which I was going to miss to stay home with him, but my mom offered to keep him for me so I wouldn't miss my last day with my kids.  SO thankful!  He continued to run fever with her all day...but they had a good day making forts and he took a long nap for her!
What my Friday night consisted of...I was glad to get back home to my baby!
Saturday morning we enjoyed some time in bed together...him watching cartoons and me doing my QT.  He was still running fever if I didn't give him meds every 3 hours and I just didn't feel right about it.  I called the nurse at 11:30 and she finally called me back at 3:30.  They wanted us to come back in.

His pulse ox was down from 97 on Wednesday to 93...which meant he needed a breathing treatment.  So that's what we did and he did a really good job!  He also had to get a shot was was ZERO fun for this mama.  You all don't know, but R has a very tender and sweet sweet heart...he loves me in ways I didn't know where possible, and I'm not sure where he learned to be so sweet, but my sweet baby was NOT so sweet to the poor nurses!  He told them he hated them, and that they were the worst "doctors"...he was yelling and crying, I was crying...all while trying to pin him down and try to let them give him a shot.  Man...motherhood is hard!--in ways you don't quite think about until you're there and living it!
 He feel asleep at the doctor's office after his shot, we had to go to Kroger to get TP, he fell asleep in the cart there and then again in the car on the way home.  Poor guy!

I gave him some gatorade when we got home, bathed him in an Epsom salt bath....and as soon he got out of the bath--he threw it all up.  I felt so bad for this little guy!!  What is a mom to do!?  We finally made it back to the couch, and I told him he could go to sleep and that he needed to...he rolled over and was OUT!

I sat with him and just read...hoping these new meds would work!!
Sunday he was finally lively again....full of color and wanting to play!  I was SO thankful!
Even though...he did crawl up into my lap and fall asleep.  Seriously couldn't tell you the last time he did this!!  One day he will be too big to do so....so I just enjoyed it!
I usually don't watch "my shows" while he is awake...but I wanted to watch the Oscars, so that's what I did!  He watched his shows on his iPad while planking the coffee table!
Today was a snow/ice day for us so we sleep in...him longer than me and it's been a good day of recovery around here!  
I am happy to report he has been playing since he got up and ate breakfast and took his meds!  Cough is happening more but I think it's his body healing and just trying to get it all out to GET better!  He was schedule for an x-ray today...but the doctor's office is closed.  I'm pretty sure it is pneumonia, and we don't exactly need to the x-ray to confirm that...but we'll see.

PHEW!  Let's get back to normal life shall we!!


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  1. Bless his heart and yours. I'm not sure who it's harder on when kids are sick. I know it breaks my heart to see mine sick, I'm sure it does yours too. Glad it sounds like he's finally on the mend. Praying he recovers fully very soon!


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