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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring/summer reading list

All through my Internship last fall, I wanted to READ!  I had read Divergent over the summer and slowly got through Insurgent during my Internship...but after that I wanted to read EVERYTHING, but I knew I honestly didn’t have the time and I was so sad about that!  

Any time I was spending leisurely reading, I knew I should be studying, or working on assignments due at the end of the semester.  It was hard to find time to squeeze a little leisurely reading in along with going to school every day 745-330.   

I was looking forward to graduating just so I could read books!  Ha...books I wanted to read, not overpriced textbooks!  

In High School I would read in class all the time when we had down time.  I usually had one of the Harry Potter books or something written by Nicholas Sparks with me.  That’s about as far as my reading got (and I’m okay with that!)

I finally finished Allegiant in mid January...I was ready to finish it to complete the Divergent series, especially since the movie was coming out in March.

I really enjoyed the series as a whole, but Divergent was my favorite book by far.  Insurgent I felt like was too long and drawn out and a lot of it could have been left out, but that’s just me!  Allegiant kept my attention...but was also confusing at times...and the end was complete SHOCKER!  But still happy I read the series!

I knew I wanted to read something by Nicholas Sparks afterwards...to get a little romance in my life!  Ha!  I took to his latest book The Longest Ride and let’s just say it was the best little ride! ;)  It is set in modern times and two love stories intertwined into one book.  It’s interesting to see how the two stories end up tying together.  I finished it in record time {for me!} which says a lot about how good it was!

Not everyone enjoys Nicholas Sparks’ books, but I have always loved them since the movie of The Notebook came out!  I don’t know if I can pick a favorite though!  I have all of his books and most of his movies...right now my favorite movies of his are Safe Haven and The Lucky One.  Both such sweet love stories!  

I knew his next movie coming out was The Best of Me, so that was my next book of choice.  I wanted to make sure I read it before it came out in theaters (October 2014).  It’s not nearly as long as The Longest Ride {no pun intended! ;)}...but I’m having a little trouble getting into it, but hoping that it is going to get moving at a faster speed soon.  Good or bad, I know I’ll be glad I read it before I see the  movie!

I just heard about The Fault in the Stars yesterday and had honestly seen the cover a few times floating around the web, but never paid much attention to it.  So of course I ran to Mr. Google to see what all the hype was about.  I watched the trailer and noticed one of the main characters was being played by one of the same girl who is playing Tris in Divergent...Shailene Woodley!  I haven’t been STOCKED about her being picked to play Tris, but I guess if she’s an up and coming star...there’s a reason she’s in too hot movies coming out this summer.  

So I guess she’s basically what reeled me in, and now The Fault in the Stars is next on my “To Read” list!

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