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Sunday, March 23, 2014

saturdays with poppy and oaklawn

Saturdays have turned from Mommy/Ryder days to Poppy/Ryder days!--& I'm okay with that!  They do things me and R wouldn't normally do!  The last couple of Saturday days they have hit up multiple parks in one day, gotten ice cream and just spent quality time together.  My dad is a lover of the "great outdoors" and I love that he is passing that love down to my little man!

Funny story:  R was holding the wire thing of crickets in the back seat of my dad's truck, and the guy hadn't shut the lid tight enough and it ended up opening up.  R didn't notice (or did and didn't do anything about it) and 30+ crickets got out!  By the time my dad realized, you couldn't see the crickets any more...only hear them!  They chirped in there for 3-4 days...I guess they're dead but we can't find them!  

Sunday we headed down to Hot Springs to watch the horses race!  We stopped in LR to eat brunch at the fabulous Yaya's!  SO good!  I love me some Eggs Benny, and I got just that!

This was our second year to join in on the St. Patty's Day party with the fam and it was a lot of fun as always!  We missed dad being with us, but we still made bets for him!  :P  


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