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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

mid week randoms!

I had the intentions of sharing a little coconut oil story with you guys tonight...but I think I'm just gonna brain dump on y'all instead for a little Mid Week Randoms!  There's just so much going on up there right now...I figured I share a bit!

  • I ended my long term sub job on Friday February 28th.  The next two school days were snow days...including in the district I was schedule to sub in (not the same one I just finished my long term in).  It all worked out...it was more time for me to be at home with R while he was recovering from Pneumonia.  Wednesday I did a full day of subbing and Thursday I was only down for a half day.  The office called me mid morning letting me know Central office had called needing to talk to me, and I needed to call them back ASAP.  Long story short, they had a long term sub job for the remainder of the year they were offering to me, and they needed me to stay the next day!  I thought about it and talked to a few different people about it...and then TOOK IT!  
  • Today completed day three of being THROWN in...but it hasn't been bad at all and has actually gone better than I could have imagined and everyone has been so sweet to check in on me and make sure I'm okay! =)
  • Did I mention this long term happens to be at my mom's school?!  RANDOM huh!?  & we have the same lunch...kind of funny!  So I get to eat with her and all her crazy friends who group text 24/7--more than me and my friends!  :P
  • Yesterday...my hair was a disaster (note "coconut oil story" from above...which I will share later!)...so it was up in a big "fancy" bun--but just wasn't looking all that fabulous if you ask me...I normally NEVER wear my hair up because I am self conscious about my big ears.  Anyways...my first "official" day there girl walks up to me, "That yo real hair up on top of yo head?"  "Yeah it is."  "OH."  "Why, does it look nappy?"  "Sho does."--All I could do was LAUGH!!
  • Same girl today while wearing a cardigan with angled bottoms (not square) that happens to have a tie belt that goes with it.  "You look like you wore yo bath robe up in hur today."  "Well, thank you Mariya."
  • The wedding Ryder and I were in January that I posted about HERE never posted about... {insert super sad face...but I'll make it up soon!} was blogged about today by the fabulous Lyndsey Sullivan!  Her work is above and beYOND and I love that she captured every single detail of that day...you can feel the sweetness and gentleness of that day all over again by looking at the pictures!  Allison did a great job planning a BEAUTIFUL wedding and Lyndsey did such an amazing job capturing such fun memories of Allison and Kyle's special day!  
  • We've spent the last two evenings outside playing--I forgot what it was like to come home and not be cooped up inside until the next morning!  So thankful for the warmer weather after such a COLD winter!  
  • A few Ryder quotes for you..."I won't text any girls other than you mom."  "One day, when I'm older...I'll take you to a nice restaurant.  Like Pitza 4 2."  "Mom!  My thumbs are on two different sides of my hands!" He is always making me laugh and I try to remember everything he says, but it's not always possible!
  • I found out today, he is old enough to play T-Ball/Coach Pitch.  Everything is always thrown off because of his birthday, but when I saw Mama Laughlin post a pic of Tucker (born on same day as R) in a baseball uniform...I knew I had to check!  So thanks Mama! ;)
  • We bought FROZEN Friday night on the iPad and R hasn't watched anything else since then!  He is obsessed with rewinding the songs so he can go through and practice them again...here is a little clip of him singing, and make sure you wait till the very end for a SPECIAL treat! ;)


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