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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 6}

{feb. 5}
 I NEED a root beer by the time the bell rings at the end of the day!  Good thing there is one RIGHT across from the school.  Well on this day I realize I had left my wallet at home which meant NO sonic. Well...luckily I found ONE dollar in my car and you best believe I got myself a root beer! :P

{feb. 6}
 I ordered R his own "kid knife" from Pampered Chef.  He was beYOND excited when it came in! 

{feb. 7}
 How is this guy old enough to get his own cups out of the cabinet?  {tear.}

{feb. 8}
 I was very humbled on this day.  Feeling so "together" throughout the day, with all my papers graded, all my grades updated on the computer, lessons plans for the next two weeks, AND dinner cooking at home in the crock pot for my family.  Well...if you don't set said timer on that crock pot, you WILL burn the dinner you are cooking for your family.  

{feb. 9}
 R has such a good Poppy...playing legos with him on the floor!

{feb. 10}
 It snows over night, and my little buddy wakes up with a fever and a sore throat...AKA strep.  Story of our lives.  Thank you Poppy for taking us to the doctor in the snow.  

{feb. 11}
And thank you KeeKee for bringing us dinner while we're cooped up at home.  


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  1. I didn't know Pampered Chef had kids knives! I'm totally ordering my son one now :)


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