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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 12}

{march 19}
 Somebody was hiding in the flower beds wanting to be an "army guy"--creative lil one!

{march 20}
 Trip to Dick's always calls for a stop at the putting green!  He never forgets!

{march 21}
 Somebodies for trip to the farm with the boys!  He was so excited and so was Poppy and Uncle G! 

{march 22}
 Making their way around the farm getting cushions out of all the deer stands!

{march 23}
 Glad to finally have my little man back!  I missed all those messes in the middle of my floor! :P

{march 24}
 First day of Spring Break!--trying to keep someone's learning skills on point!  He did GREAT!  He's been killing it with numbers recently...can even count all the way to 70!

{march 25}
Errands all day after a yummy breakfast at Stoby's!  He's the best running errand buddy! ;)


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