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Sunday, March 2, 2014

product love... {february}

I get the random urge to do share some Produce Love every once and a while...so here we are!  :P  I always love reading about other people's recent discoveries, so I hope you do the same! 

1. I've had this for a while now...it's a hand-held silicon pad used to help wash your face.  I got it before I got my Clarisonic, hoping it would just do a better job at washing my face compared to my fingers, and I was right!  Since then I got a Clarisonic, and as much as I like using it and the way it makes my face feel, it was as if it was doing TOO much work on my face and I started to break out like CRAZY.  I went back to using this pad every day instead, and the Clarisonic once a week or so and my face has seemed to to great with the routin.  I love being able to see the pad getting the makeup off my face...I usually keep washing my face until I can no longer see any makeup coming off on the pad.  You can find them HERE!

2. I always tease my hair in the mornings, but since my hair is SO long and SO weighted down, recently I decided I needed to try to find something to help my roots out a little bit.  I was also interested in trying the NAKED Herbal Essences line...so that's how I landed on this little guy!  So far so good...and I love that they call it a "souffle" instead a mousse!  I can literally feel it thickening my roots as I am rubbing it in and I love the way it smells.  If you're looking for a good drug store mousse to add some volume to your roots, this one is a thumbs up!  Found HERE or any local drug store.  

3.  This last one is a TJ Maxx find.  I have to continually change up my face wash (as well as my shampoo and conditioner) so that my face and hair don't get used to the product and start failing at their "job".  I liked the idea of this being a mousse which has worked GREAT with my pore cleansing pad from above!  It smells good, has kept my face clear and I'm really digging the foam!  I will say I won't pay the normal price tag for the product, but I paid less for it than I would a normal drug store face wash so SCORE!  Found HERE or maybe at your local TJ Maxx (and did you know you can shop TJ online now?!)   

You can see all of my Product Love from the past HERE!


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