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Friday, March 21, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 11}

{march 12}
Allison got her wedding picture back from Lyndsey Sullivan!  Look are precious these cuties are!

{march 13}
He love his Tang.  He's had it since he was 1-2...never goes a night without him.  

{march 14}
R spent the evening at the lake with Poppy, fishing, throwing rocks, looks at the geese and playing on the playground!  So thankful for such a sweet and fun Poppy who is teaching R how to "love the outdoors".  

{march 15}
I was so thankful I got to go to a wonderful shower for one of my pledge sisters, Meg who is getting married next month.  She lives in TX, but came back to AR so we could shower her and Jeremiah!  So good seeing so many of my friends from all over!  This is all the EEEs that were at the shower (oldest pledge class 1979!)

{march 16}
Sunday we spend the day at the races celebrating St. Patty's Day with family and friends!  {Considering this was only my second time at the races...I will brag and said I won something on EVERY race except for the last! :P  Only minimal bets though...but I'll take it!}

{march 17}
R had a fun day at school when Engine 2 came to visit with them about Fire Safety!

{march 18}
Even though he already has it on his iPad...thank you KeeKee for ordering us a DVD copy as well!  This little guy was excited!  I don't know who he loves more--Elsa or Olaf! ;)

I can now officially say I am caught up on #katiaday2014 weekly posts!   Feels good!  =)


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