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Saturday, March 15, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 8}

{feb. 19}
 I love my little iPad buddy while I read...

{feb. 20}
 Birthday dinner at Mike's for KeeKee's birthday!  R got her a coffee mug because that's what he said he wanted to get her!  It says "Queen for the day!" But we all know she is the Queen every day! 

{feb. 21}
 Little guy got a fresh hair cut!  We love when we get to go see Ms. Jennifer!

{feb. 22}
 Ryder spent the day with his dad to celebrate his birthday!  

{feb. 23}
 So thankful for a sweet boy who helps me take out the recycling on Sunday nights!

{feb. 24}
 "Turn the lights off mom it's too bright!"

{feb. 25}
Love opening my planner and seeing fun stickers left by my sweet boy!  


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