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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

UCA Stem Institute

Once upon a time...when Kati used to blog.  Oh my...

This summer I spent two weeks at UCA with the Stem Institute.  I am apart of a grant that is called Common Core Instruction.  Hopefully, they things they teach us as teachers, gets turned around and taught in our classrooms to our students, during the golden age of "common core".  It's really NOT that bad, if you will stop listening to what everyone is saying about it...and form your OWN opinions.  Granted, I've only taught the math of it, but had I been taught using "common core" back in the day, my understanding of math would have allowed me to understand more of "why" instead of just knowing, "this is how we do it."  

I have gained more understanding of WHY since being exposed to Common Core math than ever before...and I'm so thankful for that, and I'm thankful I get to share the WHY with my students!

Ryder is already learning the WHY in Kindergarten and I LOVE IT!--I think when kids start out using CC math, they have a much great potential to excel in math, especially because it is the only "math" they've ever known, or been exposed to.

Rant over.  Again, do your research!  =)

Thankful for these learning opportunities right here in my home town!
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