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Monday, February 27, 2012

Project 365...Week 8

{February 19}
KeeKee & I had a wedding shower to help host, so Ryder man got to spend the afternoon with Poppy!  I dropped him off at the field right after church & he was so excited!  Poppy even got him a home run ball!  Of course Poppy then spoiled him a lil more by taking him to the park & to get fro yo at "the flamingo" place!  

{February 20}
Fun day at home...Ryder had his tools from a puzzle tucked in his pants as a "tool belt"!  Too funny!  ;)  I usually go to WM on Sundays, but this week I was so glad I waited till Monday night!  I bought all that stuff for ONE DOLLAR!  CRAZY huh?!  There were carts full of name brand STUFF & I just grabbed what I knew I would use!  & lil Bretty Brett down in the corner who ended up staying with Emilie & Ryan instead of going to stay with her mom!  We were so happy!  :P

{February 21}
I had gone to Old Navy to buy R some shorts while they were on sale...& I just got him 3T without thinking about it, but obviously they were a BIT to big!  Ha!  I couldn't help but laugh!

{February 22}
Today was Ryder's dad's birthday, his Pawpaw's birthday, as well as Bunky & his 2nd cousin Devin!  Lots to take in for one day!  He had stayed the night with his Mimi so got to go to birthday dinner with them.  This was also the day that Ryder got a new cousin {adoptive}!  It all happened so fast, but we couldn't be any happier for their little family!  I love the idea of Ryder having a boy cousin just 2.5 years younger than him!  Him & Caleb will be the best of friends!  =)

{February 23}
School day!  Ryder had a great day at school & was still asleep when I got there to pick him up!  It was such a beautiful day out, we came straight home, changed into his boots & played outside!  I even went inside to slip some shorts on it was so nice out!

{February 24}
Lil man was passed out asleep on the floor when I got home from class!  Ha!  I seriously think he is going through a growth spurt & is needing extra sleep!  He used to NEVER takes naps & now he is every single day!  New favorite dessert...banana, chocolate chips & marshmallows heated up in the over at 350 for 7 mins!  OMG.  Try it...you'll thank me {or hate me} later!  ;)  Not the best pic, but thats the moon, Venus & Jupitor.  Fact.  I was happy to hear Bethenny announce some new additions to her line...Vodka! FUN!  I'm not a big drinker, but these sound YUMMY!  Naked (non-flavor), cucumber, tangerine & coconut!  YUMM!  & her newest ready to drink, drink....Pina Colada! #drinkup

{February 25}
This new lil booger is my BFF!  I got it for Valentine's Day and haven't had a coke since.  Not even one from Sonic.  I haven't been to Sonic for myself since then either, & if I have, it's been for a water, only because I forgot my CamelBak or it was empty!  ;)  Ryder's new thing is his ABC puzzle. We do it every night before going to bed & he just makes me so proud!  He can sing his ABC's but we're working on knowing them by the letter


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rhea Lana's...Post Sale Post

Goodness gracious how I just LOVE Rhea Lana's!!  It's been a week since Rhea Lana's closed up shop here in town, but I wanted to report back on how my sales & shopping went!  
I am proud to announce that I made over $200 this time around!  I only had about 100 items up for sale, & only one large item that sold in a heartbeat!  Most things were $3, with some exceptions of shoes, jeans & toys.  So...not too shabby for this girl!  =)

I only had about 3 things that didn't sale, so that was nice when it was time for me to go pick up my stuff, AND my check!  Wahoo!  I usually try and spend the money I made on clothes for the next season for R, and I've already ordered him a new wardrobe of things online of things that he still needed after shopping at RL's.

The morning of the pre-sale, I was sick, sick SICK.  So i asked my mom to go for me...which is kinda a big task to put before someone.  I hate to say I'm picky when it comes to R's clothes, but I am!  {Nothing wrong with that! ;)}  I am so thankful that she got to go for me though so I didn't COMPLETELY miss out, but she did a great job & got little man some cute stuff!

I am so thankful for RL's and the opportunity that they give mom's all over the country!  Like I said in my previous post...I will keep consigning & shopping with them as long as I can, and will recommend them to any mom, aunt, grandma etc.!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 365...Week 7

{February 12}
 Sweet baby boy being a "cool dude" in daddy's truck!  I was missing my boy...still home sick!

{February 13}
We got a little bit of snow...enough for my classes to get cancelled, but little man was staying at his Mimi's!  They played out in the snow...he told me the made a snow man & threw snowballs at Uncle Josh!  I finally got him back, & he passed out on me on the couch.

{February 14}
KeeKee & Pops were home sick on Valentine's, but me & R had a hott date to Chick together!

 {February 15}
I let little man take a bath with some glow sticks!

 {February 16}
I had a test & got done early so I rewarded myself with Starbucks!  Ryder had a great day at school & even picked me some flowers in the backyard afterwards!

 {February 17}
We had a good day together after I went to class.  We ran errands & then I took him to Patti Cakes for a cupcake!  After trying to get him to take a nap for two hours, he finally fell asleep on the floor!

 {February 18}
I took mom to get her toes done while Pops & lil man had a big day together which included going to Starbucks, The Kitchen Store, Target & Laura's Family Toy store!  We ended the night with dinner & cake at Mike's Place with family while lil man stayed with Mama D & Morgan!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Link Up...

I don't really have time to blog anything fancy, but wanted to Link Up over at Kelly's Korner for Show Us Your Life-Single Moms.  I know I'm on only 4 days late, but better now than never right!?

We had a pretty eventful weekend...all of which involved celebrating my mom's 50th birthday at dinner with family, taking her to lunch & to the nail place to have her toes done, her receiving a whopping 50 roses, that literally took 10 small vases to fill up...she didn't have one large enough, but they're beautiful, a beautiful wedding shower for one of my high school friend's bride-to-be, picking up my Rhea Lana check (woot woot)...oh, & locking my 2 year old in the car in the church parking lot before church, & the police having to come let him out.  Oh yeah...mom of THE year right here.

So...how was your weekend!  ;)


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day...

We had a GREAT Valentine's Day together....for the most part!!  ;)  I am so thankful for my little Valentine & how much he loves his Mommy every day of the year!
I printed these little tags for Ryder's Valentine's for his class & I loved how they turned out.  I did goldfish, because I knew there was going to already be MORE than enough candy being passed out!  :P

 Punkin's goodies!  I let him pick one to open the night before because he ate all his dinner!  ;P
Somebody even took lil man shopping on Sunday to get Mama a card!  I thought this was too precious.  I will cherish it forever!

 New Buzz "like" year pajamas!!!

Skittles & bath water color changing tablets!

Tuesday morning I made him cinnamon rolls--his favorite & we opened presents before heading out to school!

 He got bath bubbles, a new water bottle & some bubbles to play with outside!

He had a great day at school & so many cute & fun Valentine's from his friends!  THey said he was the first one to go to sleep without being patted & the last one to wake up (THAT'S A FIRST!).  A few of the girls' moms told me when they came to drop their little girls off this morning & Ryder was already there, he said, "Happy Valentine's Day!"  I just thought that was so sweet!

We went to Maggie's to get a Valentine cookie afterwards, then came home to get ready for our date!  Our Chick-Fil-A in town is so wonderful.  They take sit-down reservations for Valentine's Day every year.  I thought this was something perfect for me & lil man to do together (especially since KeeKee & Pops were both home sick... :( ).

Punkin' was sweet as ever at dinner.  He even got some bubbles & a little CFA Cow.  Poor baby didn't eat one thing.  He usually eats at least a couple bites, but not ONE thing.  Not even the complimentary ice cream & cheesecake they brought us...I should have known something was wrong.  :/

We went & played in the play place & then left to go to Target to get a few things we needed for the rest of the week!

We came home, gave lil man a bath & got him in bed.  I had a project to work on so I came in the computer room to work on that.  About 11 o'clock I heard him crying...so I ran in there & as soon as I turned on the light he started throwing up...poor baby.  He didn't even wake up, just let it happen.  I was just trying to comfort him & let him know that it was okay & just to get it out.  Break my little heart, I just cried.

So that was the beginning of our long night...we both ended up sleeping in the living room.  I was so worried it was going to happen again.  I am just ready for all of us to be well!  I feel like I have washed our sheets 15 times over the last week!

I stayed home from class again today with him to make sure he got better.  We had a great day together & you would seriously never know he had just thrown up last night!  He is a TROOPER for sure!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 365...Week 6

{February 5}
 My sweet lil man looking cute at church.  I love how much he loves going to church!  Warms my heart!

{February 6}
Somebody hit Uncle G Sunday night.  Luckily everybody was okay & it's already in the shop getting fixed! 

{February 7}
I don't know if I mentioned the fact that my parents were looking for a home for Brett.  I tweeted about it & about 30 minutes later he was all Emilie & Ryan's!  Actually...for her mom.  My mom met them the next day to hand him over & he has been living the life every since & is already house trained!  So thankful we found him a good home!  Ryder will say "Where's Bretty Brett?"  & I'll say, "You know where he is..."  "Oh yeah, he's at Emilie's!"  Luckily, Ryder has handled it pretty well. 

{February 8}
 Ryder said Tangy was eating lunch with him!  Ha!

{February 9}
My sweet lil man was a tireddddd little boy!  He woke up throwing up before school Thursday, so we both ended up staying him all day & I got to give him some extra-needed lovin'!  I love a lil sleeping baby!

 {February 10}
Friday night was Mama's turn to be sick, so Ryder had to unexpected stay the night at KeeKee & Pop's.  Luckily, I got to FaceTime him though!

 {February 11}
I was still sick on Saturday, but lil man had a BIG day!  Pop pops took him to get his haircut, to Cherry Berry for fro yo, Valentine's Day shopping & even the park for a few minutes even though it was FREEZING out!  KeeKee brought home some new blocks from school for him to play with!