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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 365...Week 6

{February 5}
 My sweet lil man looking cute at church.  I love how much he loves going to church!  Warms my heart!

{February 6}
Somebody hit Uncle G Sunday night.  Luckily everybody was okay & it's already in the shop getting fixed! 

{February 7}
I don't know if I mentioned the fact that my parents were looking for a home for Brett.  I tweeted about it & about 30 minutes later he was all Emilie & Ryan's!  Actually...for her mom.  My mom met them the next day to hand him over & he has been living the life every since & is already house trained!  So thankful we found him a good home!  Ryder will say "Where's Bretty Brett?"  & I'll say, "You know where he is..."  "Oh yeah, he's at Emilie's!"  Luckily, Ryder has handled it pretty well. 

{February 8}
 Ryder said Tangy was eating lunch with him!  Ha!

{February 9}
My sweet lil man was a tireddddd little boy!  He woke up throwing up before school Thursday, so we both ended up staying him all day & I got to give him some extra-needed lovin'!  I love a lil sleeping baby!

 {February 10}
Friday night was Mama's turn to be sick, so Ryder had to unexpected stay the night at KeeKee & Pop's.  Luckily, I got to FaceTime him though!

 {February 11}
I was still sick on Saturday, but lil man had a BIG day!  Pop pops took him to get his haircut, to Cherry Berry for fro yo, Valentine's Day shopping & even the park for a few minutes even though it was FREEZING out!  KeeKee brought home some new blocks from school for him to play with!


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  1. So glad Garrett's OK! How was the other person?
    Also, why did Brett have to go to a new home? I wish I could have taken him! Rusty would love a buddy, but 1 in an apartment is enough! He sure is a beautiful Goldendoodle, and I'm glad your friends were able to give him a great home!


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