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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Small Update...

I sure am thankful for the whole "Project 365" thing, or I probably wouldn't have blogged at all over the passed few weeks!

Seriously by the time we get up, go to school every day, come home & do normal things, run errands, cook dinner, etc. etc. take a bath & get R in bed, it's time for me to do homework & blogging is the last thing on my mind.  I never thought my life would be too busy to think about blogging, but I know that this is just a season of life we are going to have to get through.

I am just so thankful that I have been making a point to keep up with Project 365 or who would know what was going on with my baby boy!  :P

Just a little up date on our unfortunate week...

Ryder woke up Thursday morning around 6:45 couching a lot but not like sickly cough.  Poor baby would throw up a little bit each time, & he would say, "Mommy I burped..."  Luckily each time it was on a towel & wasn't even too much for Mama to clean up.  He only threw up twice, but I knew we were both gonna be home for the day.  I always hate for him to miss school, but I didn't want to expose any of his friends with the sickies!

He was seriously the sweetest, fun loving, happiest kid the rest of the day!  So, it ended up being a nice day at home with my favorite little mister!

We were all fine Friday, I went to class, he stayed with the babysitter etc. etc.  I had a 31 party to go to Friday night & dropped him off at my parents around 5:30.

I wasn't at the party 15 minutes when I knew I had to leave.  I made it home in enough time to change clothes when the ugly bug struck.  Needless to say, R stayed the night with my parents so I could get some rest.

I thought I would wake up Saturday morning & be fine, just like Ryder was!  Ha!  WRRROONG!  I have never felt so much pain & ache in my life.  Childbirth wasn't all that bad for me, but Y'ALL.  THIS WAS WORSE THAN CHILDBIRTH.  I told my mom I was almost to the point of wanting to die.

I stayed in bed ALL DAY.  Not even kidding.  I woke up around 9 PM, came in the living room to watch some TV, lasted about 30 minutes & went back to bed to go to sleep.

I woke up this morning feelin SOOOO much better than yesterday, but still not 100%.

More than anything, I miss my baby boy.  Having to be away from him because I'm sick has been the worst thing ever.  I got to facetime him last night, so that made me happy, but I never knew I could miss my little guy so much!

I am just so thankful for my wonderful parents & all that they have done for me & him this weekend.  They've been serious rockstars.  Mom went & shopped for me at the Rhea Lana pre-sale yesterday because I couldn't go, dad took R to get a hair cut & to get fro yo at Cherry Berry, dad went to the grocery store for me, & got me McAlister's soup for me last night...& I could go on & on!  I am just so thankful for family in times of unexpected need!

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