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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine's Day...

We had a GREAT Valentine's Day together....for the most part!!  ;)  I am so thankful for my little Valentine & how much he loves his Mommy every day of the year!
I printed these little tags for Ryder's Valentine's for his class & I loved how they turned out.  I did goldfish, because I knew there was going to already be MORE than enough candy being passed out!  :P

 Punkin's goodies!  I let him pick one to open the night before because he ate all his dinner!  ;P
Somebody even took lil man shopping on Sunday to get Mama a card!  I thought this was too precious.  I will cherish it forever!

 New Buzz "like" year pajamas!!!

Skittles & bath water color changing tablets!

Tuesday morning I made him cinnamon rolls--his favorite & we opened presents before heading out to school!

 He got bath bubbles, a new water bottle & some bubbles to play with outside!

He had a great day at school & so many cute & fun Valentine's from his friends!  THey said he was the first one to go to sleep without being patted & the last one to wake up (THAT'S A FIRST!).  A few of the girls' moms told me when they came to drop their little girls off this morning & Ryder was already there, he said, "Happy Valentine's Day!"  I just thought that was so sweet!

We went to Maggie's to get a Valentine cookie afterwards, then came home to get ready for our date!  Our Chick-Fil-A in town is so wonderful.  They take sit-down reservations for Valentine's Day every year.  I thought this was something perfect for me & lil man to do together (especially since KeeKee & Pops were both home sick... :( ).

Punkin' was sweet as ever at dinner.  He even got some bubbles & a little CFA Cow.  Poor baby didn't eat one thing.  He usually eats at least a couple bites, but not ONE thing.  Not even the complimentary ice cream & cheesecake they brought us...I should have known something was wrong.  :/

We went & played in the play place & then left to go to Target to get a few things we needed for the rest of the week!

We came home, gave lil man a bath & got him in bed.  I had a project to work on so I came in the computer room to work on that.  About 11 o'clock I heard him crying...so I ran in there & as soon as I turned on the light he started throwing up...poor baby.  He didn't even wake up, just let it happen.  I was just trying to comfort him & let him know that it was okay & just to get it out.  Break my little heart, I just cried.

So that was the beginning of our long night...we both ended up sleeping in the living room.  I was so worried it was going to happen again.  I am just ready for all of us to be well!  I feel like I have washed our sheets 15 times over the last week!

I stayed home from class again today with him to make sure he got better.  We had a great day together & you would seriously never know he had just thrown up last night!  He is a TROOPER for sure!!


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  1. So sorry the sickies won't leave you alone!

    I tagged you in a post on my blog! :)


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