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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CAC wrapping up & some randoms-

Y'all might get tired of my bulleted posts, but I'm just speaking my mind...& it's kinda all over the place lately!  :P

  • They wrapped the defense's case today in the Casey Anthony Case.  Today & yesterday were quite interesting.  Yesterday was probably one of the saddest days.  Watching Casey's dad George on the stand sobbing uncontrollably talking about trying to commit suicide & how he felt the day he found out the human remains were Caylee's.  I can't even imagine.  I just think about the love that my dad has for Ryder & what it would be like for him to have to go through something like that...it literally BREAKS my heart.
  • From this case, if you parents don't see how important it is to NOT enable your children while they are growing up, I don't know what would make you see that it's NOT okay!  We would all like to think our children wouldn't do certain bad things, but make them take responsibilities while growing up BIG or SMALL.  I'm not blaming it on George & Cindy, but I do think the way they raised Casey has a little something to do with this.
  • It also makes me sad to see George getting thrown under the bus & torn apart throughout this case, & then Cindy getting up on the stand & trying to take responsibility for the google searches for chloroform on their home computer (which I don't believe).  She is just trying to prevent her daughter from getting the death penalty.  I did hear tonight that Gentiva (the company Cindy used to work for) has been asked to show documentation that Cindy was on her computer at WORK while these chloroform searches took place on their home computer.  Now...that would be something wouldn't it?
  • Jose Baez brought up today how the Anthony family has disposed of their pets after they died.  Of course he though it was going to help the defense, but I think it helped the prosecutors even more.  Casey had watched her dad do this many times & had done it the exact way which her own daughter's body.  But...it's all about how the jurors are going to take it.  
  • Tomorrow is my birthday month!  I love the month all together...it's halfway through the year & I actually don't have too much going on with makes me happy!
  • I am soooo ready to be done with summer school!  A.WEEK.FROM.TOMORROW!
  • Oh yeah...I forgot about the 28 year old that flipped off Mr. Ashton while he was questioning someone on the stand.  He was caught on camera & put in jail for SIX DAYS!  I can't help but LAUGH!  As well as a 620 dollar fine!  HA!
  • Punkin' had gymnastics tonight & KeeKee & Naynee came to watch him!  I am so glad we did this for the summer, I just know he loves it so much!  It is great for him to get to run some energy off & do things we don't always get to do!
  • We had a dinner date with Ms. Rachel afterwards at Chick-fil-a & had a good time & a good visit! We might have to start doing this once a week or so!
  • When I got Ryder out of the car, he seemed to be extra super hot.  He's hot natured anyways, so I usually don't pay much attention to it.  Sure enough...101.2.  I can't say he's ever really had a fever.  Come to find out, he's just teething...4 big ole white suckers trying to break thru!  Poor baby!
  • I did 30 day shred for the first time in over a year last night & I could feel the burn this morning!  Not too bad because I've been stretching a lot lately, trying to get my ole cheerleading body back!  :P  I failed myself & didn't do it tonight, because of a killer headache.  I can barely walk from one room to the next because every step just makes it pound.
  • Every day I am finding new ideas for Ryder's baseball birthday party & it makes me want to get to crafting!!  I'm waiting till I'm done with class & then I'm gonna get after it!
  • I'm also planning on taking a HUUUUUGE load to Rhea Lana's at the end of July.  I haven't sold ANY of Ryder's clothes yet & I don't know why I thought I would hoard all of them for so long, but the tubs outside are beginning to pile up & I've realized I should probably just sell them now because I'm not gonna be having another baby for a good while & at what point am I going to stop hoarding his clothes?!  Lol...I think I'll keep some of them, & ones that I have special memories with, but they aren't doing me any good out in the storage closet off my carport!  Ha!
  • So...I may not really have a "busy" month of July, but I'll have enough to do on my plate!  


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

one year down...

It's been on year since I officially lost a certain title to my name...you can read about that here.

It feels so good to be this far out from it now.  I have had to deal with a lot of "firsts" this last year & I am glad to say they are finally over.

A year ago today I was set free.  I can definitely say that I know for a fact, I am a bigger, better & stronger person because of what I've been through.  I always tell myself that if I can just help one person that is going through what I have been through, then it will have been worth it.  It's a horrible situation that I wouldn't wish upon anyone, & it breaks my heart to know that anyone is having to go through it, but I've been there & am willing to talk, or just listen when they need someone to talk to!

I thought I might be sad today, but I haven't been at all!  It's been a good day with my sweet boy!  He really is my best friend!  I'm hardly ever without him & miss him when he's taking a nap!  Ha!

One year, I know that I will not even recognize today's date when I see it & that will be a good day!  It marks a new chapter in my life & I am so glad to be on this end of it now!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Our day in some words...

I should totally be using this time to a) study/look over the 30 theorists we have learned about in Learning & Development over the last few days or b)pick up my house, that was completely picked up 2 hours ago. How does that happen?

Instead I am blogging about our day!

When I left for class, Punkin' was still asleep.  He slept till about 9:15 or so...so Mary Beth just got to chill for a while!  :P  He loves her so much & I know he is so glad to see her when he wakes up!  He has to carry all of his "friends", blanket (big bed covering) & now his pillow all to the living room when he gets up!  I have hidden a few of his "friends" in the closet, just so there aren't so.dang.many!  He used to have to carry around every stuffed animal we have in this house from room to room & it was just getting old.  & poor baby could only carry a few, & would say, "heav-vee!  heav-vee!"  Then I would have to help him carry them & it was just getting to be too much!  Oh...& if you left out, one or two, or three...he would cry until you helped him get them or he could put his down & get them himself.  I like to think he just has a tender heart!  ;)

I love walking in the door & him being so happy to see me!  Someday he is even at the door knocking when I'm unlocking the door!  It's so sweet & I really do miss him the few short hours I am gone!  I don't know what we're going to do next fall when he's at "school" 845-230 two days a week!  But I know he will LOVE IT!

I always try & play with him for a while after I get home, even though it's RIGHT at his nap time.  I laid him down an hour later today & he slept for about 2 and a half hours!  I got a lot done around the house that has needed to have been done for a while...so that was a good feeling!

He woke up & ate lunch & then we went outside to play!  I found a bag of sand & poured it into the new turtle sandbox that KeeKee got him!  We need a few more bags & it will be a blast!  I had one of these as a little kid & loved it so much!  I even caught him over there taking off his flip flops & digging his toes in the sand!  Before long he was laying in it!  Ha!

KeeKee stopped by to visit outside, & later Pops came & took Ryder back to there house so I could have an hour to myself.  I don't realize I need this until someone offers.  Sometimes I honestly don't even know what do to with myself, or all that TIME!

TWO MORE WEEKS OF CLASS!  Wahooo!  & we have Monday off!  Even better!

Tonight when Ryder was in the bath, I asked him if he wanted me to get in there with him.  I really figured he would say no, but he said yes!--I was like are you sure!?  Then he pointed to my shirt & said "off".  I said, "you want me to take my shirt off" & he nodded "yes".  I was like ohhh...great!  What have I started!  Ha!-But, we're just making memories!

The last few days I have been making sugar cookies, with cream cheese frosting & throwing fruit on top....SOOO good!  That would be a Pinterest find!  =)  I gave him one cookie tonight & some milk in his sippy & then we snuggled on the couch.  I had my Bible out early in the living room & when he saw mine, he wanted to go & get his, so he did!  We spend 10 minutes or so tonight going through his picture book bible & pointing out different people & the main ideas of the stories that were about them.  He was soaking it ALL up & I loved it so much!  Sadly, it was time to go to bed & I had to end it sooner than he was ready for.  But I can't wait for us to do that again together tomorrow night.

I just love making memories with my sweet boy!  Yes, it's just me & him, & sometimes that's tough, but just think of how much more memories I get to make with him & he gets to make with me...BECAUSE it's just us!  I have to be GRATEFUL!

Speaking of memories, Pop Pops takes him to get FroYo often & we can't even drive by that strip center without Ryder saying "iccce-keeeem!!"  I told dad & he said, "That just means some good memories are being made there, nothing wrong with that!"  Which reminds me of all the times dad used to take me & G to get sno cones in the summer time!  He was always taking us some where fun!

The wind was blowing earlier today when we were outside, & I think it scared Ryder a bit for a second & I told him it was just the wind.  When my mom stopped by, the wind blew real hard again & he said, "wind..." & she said when did he learn that?  I was like...uhh...five minutes ago!  I love the little sponge that he is...soaking everything UP!

I guess that's enough about our day!  Summer is going to be over before long & I don't want to forget it!


Papa John-

A year ago today, Heaven gained another angel.  That was my sweet Papa John.  It's hard to believe it's been a whole year.  I'll never forget that day.  We had gone out to lunch after church as usualy, & dad didn't have his phone with him because "he shouldn't need to talk to anybody during church."  Mom & Dad headed up to see Papa John at the house where he lived a few minutes down the road.  When they got there he had already passed & no one had been able to get a hold of dad to let him know.  I took my parents a good 3-4 hours to come home, & I recall wondering what was taking them so long, but dad came in & told us.  It was just so unexpected.  Yes, he was old, but nothing bad had been going on & he had been up & down, up & down good & bad roads numerous times over the years, and this happened to be a good time where nothing in particular was going wrong.

It also happened to be the day before I went to court to fight for custody of my child.  It was just ALOT going on for me & my family.  I was also in summer school & having to deal with all that.

We miss Papa John, but know he is happy where he is!  When ever I think about him, I am just so glad that he got to meet my little man & my little man got to meet him!



  • I miss blogging so much. I feel like I am leaving so much out of my little man's life.
  • I have also lost my camera, but that is not to blame for my lack of posts. It's this thing called SUMMER SCHOOL--that completely BLOWS! & if I remember correctly was NOT this hard last summer!
  • I literally go to school, come home, eat lunch nap with Punkin, clean up the house, eat dinner & go to bed...oh yeah & NOT do the homework I'm supposed to do. Yes, it SUCKS. So weekends have become my best friend.
  • I haven't had my normal "Sunday-pool-day" the last two weekends because of Father's Day & then this weekend Punkin didn't go to his daddy's today. My tan is definitely showing from this!
  • I have been sad with my lack of attention & posts towards the Casey Anthony post, but I'm barely keeping up with it myself! I heard their was an abrupt recess yesterday that was NOT expected & Judge Perry said it was a legal issue. HMMM...??
  • I doesn't seem like I have one second to watch TV these days, and if I do it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! =)
  • Ryder has seriously learned the words, "no" "nope" & "nah-huh" & how to use them correctly! We are working on not saying them to adults! Ha! This has been by far one of the hardest things to nip in the bud!
  • We had a great Father's Day. I didn't get one picture with my dad though.
  • Naynee has been staying with my parents since she got out of the hospital from surgery earlier this week & it has been fun to have company! Today was her birthday & all her kiddos came over to see her!
  • I love Pinterst more & more every day & can't get enough of it. Thank goodness I have it on my phone, because I seriously don't even have time to open my computer any more.
  • I "think" about blogging about SOO much...but you see how often that happens right!?
  • I am just ready to be a teacher...who needs this whole "school" thing anyways?
  • We have snuck away to the pool a few times...Abby came to see us on Saturday & we went out there for a little bit! Ryder has gotten to be so comfortable out there & it makes me so happy! I am hoping I can find a cute guy out there...but they all seem to be married with children. #fail
  • Ryder embarrasses me sometimes out there by the way he likes to make "friends". He thinks he knows everybody & wants all their toys & that requires me to befriend the child's mom & make small talk. Sometimes this is fun, but not always.
  • Ryder has been doing great at gymnastics. We have been 3 or 4 times now & he loves it EVERY week! I can't even remind him that day that we're going until we're walking about the door, or that's ALL he talks about & cries because it's not time to go yet! Ha!
  • I am seriously just ready to be done with class...& I will be in the next TWO weeks & then I will be FREE for a little bit before Fall classes start back up.
  • There is SO much I need to do in July. Get my hair cut. Go see my PCP about my heartburn. Get my teeth cleaned (I've put it off for like 2 years..I don't know why). Go see my GYN. Etc. Etc. This list goes on & on & that doesn't even involve all the crafts I want to do!
  • I do get to go to the beach in July though. I am more excited about taking my little man for the first time though! =)
  • Enough rambling for tonight..but I'm afraid that's all your gonna get from me for a while!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Week's Phone Pics!

Obviously summer school has taken over my life...but here's a few things that went on with us last week!

When I saw this, I literally cried!  I would love to have 2 more little boys & then a little girl!  & I hope their all as cute as these little boys!  

 I bought this cute little pitcher at my favorite place-TJ Maxx--& it matched my kitchen PERFECTLY, but I dropped the bag it was in while I was carrying it inside the house.  I was sad, but I might craft something with the broken pieces.  
 My lil man passed out on the couch!
 I love this tattoo idea!  Kid's birth dates!  I might just have to do this in the near future...NOT on my back though!  ;)
 Does it get any cuter than THIS?
 ...& THIS is why I don't have a PC.  uhhh...they piss me off every time I have to use them!!

 One day last week Ryder just played & played & played & showed no signs of slowing down!  He didn't even want to eat lunch until 3 o'clock & then he kept falling asleep in his high chair!  Ha!
 Auntie Allie came to see us one night last week & she watched Ryder while I went to class (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) & then we went up to the pool, ate some lunch & played & played!  It was a great visit & Ryder just LOVES her!  We will miss her when she goes to Birmingham!  
 This is my cousin Sterling, 3 or 4 years ago...& right when I saw it I thought it looked a lil bit like Ryder!  I just wish Ryder would eat the meat off a rib!  :P
My crazy child climbing up on the sides of the bath tub!  Ha!  Look at his little tan lines!  =)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

21 Months!

I love this age so much!  He is still learning new things every day & continues to amaze me with his understanding & knowledge.  He has such a tender heart & it shows every day as he intereacts with me, KeeKee & Pops & all of my friends!  It is just so sweet!
{he's saying "shhh"}

He loves all of his stuffed animals..AKA-"friends".  This is also where his tender heart comes in...he can't leave any of them out.  If they are insight, then he has to have them ALL if we are going some where, or going to the couch to snuggle.  & first things in the morning when he is ready to get up, I walk in & his has all of his friends in his arms...well the ones that he can fit.  He asks me to "take" the other ones for him & help him...Of course I do...but it kinda gets old dragging 10 "friends" from one end of the house to the other! :P
He is still such a great little sleeper.  Some mornings I have to wake him to go some where because he hasn't gotten up yet.  Sometimes I hate to get up & start getting around, because I know I'll probably wake him.  We still like to fit in a little snuggle session before we get up though if we can!  =)  & it's always his idea & I love that so much!
He would much rather drink from an adult's drink than his sippy.  It's easy when I have a to-go cup or a glass with a straw.  I often catch him drinking my drinks when I'm not in the room.  Problem is, if I let him have a sip, before I know it...THE WHOLE THING IS GONE!  He is a camel like his daddy!
We have enjoyed swimming so much & I can't wait to keep going every day that we can!  It also makes me look forward to our beach trip later on this year!  He is going to LOVE it!  & that will make this Mama HAPPY!
He pretty much repeats anything & everything I or anyone else says.  Including "oh gosh..."  There are also songs that come on the radio & before the chorus even starts to play, Ryder is singing it..haha!
He has learned how to "tip-toe" from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It is too funny!  He usually wants someone to do it with him...you have to hold his hand, hunch down & say "tip-toe, tip-toe, tip-toe".  
He loves Uncle G's friend "Hockey" (real name Hunter).  So the other day the sport, hockey was on TV & I was trying to tell Ryder that it was hockey..& poor baby got all confused.  Hunter told me to just tell Ryder that the sport was named after him! :P
We hung out with Uncle G at the pool last week & Ryder went down the slide for the first time!  I would set him up there about half way & let go & Uncle G would catch him in the pool!  He LOVED it & cried when we stopped..but it was wearing us out!  One time G let him go down the slide & I caught him, & Ryder's foot got caught on the slide so when he was about to hit the water, he did a face plant & did a complete flip into the water.  I was worried about him, but he came up just as fine as cane be...no big deal!
There was a noodle at the pool that was completely messed up & Ryder brought it to me & said "broke.  fix it."  I was like baby I can't fix that for you...it's broken!  Ha!

21 month stats:

-He is wearing 2T & 24 month clothes
-Size 7 shoe!
-He is such a good fruit eater, his latest favorite is pineapples!
-He has started to respond by saying "yeah" while shaking his head. It is just too funny to hear him say that & be so serious about it!
-I just moved him up to size 5 diapers but they are still too big
-He is staying with KeeKee two days a week & Mary Beth is coming over here to watch him 3 days a week while Mama goes to school.
-Whenever I ask him if he wants to go swimming, he always says "no" but is so happy to be there when we get there!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Swimmin' @ The Cummin's!

Last week Morgan invited us over to swim at her boyfriends house!  We had been over there before, but never to swim!  Josh & Jake were there & Ryder had a biggo time!  We were sad Ms. Dana wasn't there, but we went back the next day to have some FUN!
This was the first time he used this particular floaty & I can just go ahead & say it was the best $16 dollars I have ever spend on that child!  It works so great, & though I never don't leave his side, I can still let go of him & he is perfectly afloat head & all & he is a happy camper in it!

The picture above, Josh likes to get in Ryder's face & says, "Ryder-man-man-man-man" & Ryder says it back...it is just TOO cute!  & he only does it with Josh...no one else!  =)

 He was all about some jumping in--more like "falling" in though...we are working on that!  Ha!  & he loves STEPS!  I don't know why...but I sure do love my lil Punkin'!  =)
We had a great time & were so glad to have been invited over & can't wait to go back!  =)

& just for fun...this is Ryder with Josh ONE YEAR ago!  Hard to believe!  


Thursday, June 9, 2011


I haven't updated about the case, but I've been watching!  Today was CRAZZZY!  The whole situation is sad & I am not taking it light by any means, but I just think these jurors are DUMB if they don't convict this mother of what she has done!  Yes, I am so interested in it...& how people (mothers) could actually do this kind of stuff.

Earlier this week, a man from the "body farm" talked about hairs from the trunk of Casey's car & cans of "air" from Casey's trunk as well.  The State made a HUUUGE mistake by showing the witness the wrong can & of course doing what he was supposed to do (& assuming the State would show him the right peice of evidence) he said, that yes he had processed that can etc.  Well come to find out it was the wrong one...& that just gave Jose Baez more stuff to role with!  GAH I hate him!  He looks/sounds so dumb up there 99% of the time!

Today, pictures were shown of little Caylee's skeletal remains, specifically the head.  It was especially sad to listen to them talk about it....but I think this is a good time for the jury to actually see what they are dealing with & they have GOT to be making some decisions in their minds.  I know some of them have stopped taking notes altogether.  This is kinda a sign to me that they already know what they are going to decide & don't need to take notes to look back on later during the "decision making process."

I still just don't know how Casey & her team of attorney's think they have ANY chance at winning!!  It is a waste of their time & MONEY!  If it truly was an ACCIDENT, don't you think Casey would have admitted to it being an "accident" in the pool that day & not have spent a pointless 3 years in prison?

They had to end court early today because Miss Anthony was "ill".  The jury was not told this & asked not to speculate on why they were released early.

What are your thoughts?  Has anything made your change your mind?  What do you think about the State's witnesses so far?  Let me know!  I'd love to hear!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Phone Pics from our week...(last week!)

100% of the time I have my phone with me & Punkin' while we're out & about & I love the fact that I can snap pictures anytime, any where & still be able to blog about them, because I don't always have my camera with me!  ENJOY!

{this made me fill SO much better as a Mom!}
{Punkin' had his first s'more with the girls last week on KeeKee & Pop's patio!}
{I put my wet hair up in a messy bun & when I took it down it was WILD curly!-I liked it though!}
{Ryder fell asleep with Pop Pop on the couch one night...he was a tired lil boy!}
{first purchases for Ryder's 2nd birthday party! TJ Maxx of course!  =)}
{He now requires ALL his friend where ever we go..& this is not even half of them!}
{This is a sign I will not be reading ANY of Something Blue while in summer school...blah!}
 {Here he is asleep with all his "friends"...}
 {He discovered his reflection in the bathtub faucet for the first time & didn't know what to think!  I love him learning & discovering new things!  He was making funny faces at it to watch himself!}
 {We went swimming at some of mommy's HS friend's house on Saturday & Ryder would get on the raft with me & 'nuggle!  =)}
 {Not five minutes after getting in the car from swimming...he was passed out!  I was taking him to get his first snow cone too!  He slept in the car the whole time!}
 {I couldn't believe what I saw when I walked in Hobby Lobby the other day...FALL STUFF!!}
{Still the love of my life right now...I'll need another bottle before summers over I'm afraid!}