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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our day in some words...

I should totally be using this time to a) study/look over the 30 theorists we have learned about in Learning & Development over the last few days or b)pick up my house, that was completely picked up 2 hours ago. How does that happen?

Instead I am blogging about our day!

When I left for class, Punkin' was still asleep.  He slept till about 9:15 or so...so Mary Beth just got to chill for a while!  :P  He loves her so much & I know he is so glad to see her when he wakes up!  He has to carry all of his "friends", blanket (big bed covering) & now his pillow all to the living room when he gets up!  I have hidden a few of his "friends" in the closet, just so there aren't so.dang.many!  He used to have to carry around every stuffed animal we have in this house from room to room & it was just getting old.  & poor baby could only carry a few, & would say, "heav-vee!  heav-vee!"  Then I would have to help him carry them & it was just getting to be too much!  Oh...& if you left out, one or two, or three...he would cry until you helped him get them or he could put his down & get them himself.  I like to think he just has a tender heart!  ;)

I love walking in the door & him being so happy to see me!  Someday he is even at the door knocking when I'm unlocking the door!  It's so sweet & I really do miss him the few short hours I am gone!  I don't know what we're going to do next fall when he's at "school" 845-230 two days a week!  But I know he will LOVE IT!

I always try & play with him for a while after I get home, even though it's RIGHT at his nap time.  I laid him down an hour later today & he slept for about 2 and a half hours!  I got a lot done around the house that has needed to have been done for a while...so that was a good feeling!

He woke up & ate lunch & then we went outside to play!  I found a bag of sand & poured it into the new turtle sandbox that KeeKee got him!  We need a few more bags & it will be a blast!  I had one of these as a little kid & loved it so much!  I even caught him over there taking off his flip flops & digging his toes in the sand!  Before long he was laying in it!  Ha!

KeeKee stopped by to visit outside, & later Pops came & took Ryder back to there house so I could have an hour to myself.  I don't realize I need this until someone offers.  Sometimes I honestly don't even know what do to with myself, or all that TIME!

TWO MORE WEEKS OF CLASS!  Wahooo!  & we have Monday off!  Even better!

Tonight when Ryder was in the bath, I asked him if he wanted me to get in there with him.  I really figured he would say no, but he said yes!--I was like are you sure!?  Then he pointed to my shirt & said "off".  I said, "you want me to take my shirt off" & he nodded "yes".  I was like ohhh...great!  What have I started!  Ha!-But, we're just making memories!

The last few days I have been making sugar cookies, with cream cheese frosting & throwing fruit on top....SOOO good!  That would be a Pinterest find!  =)  I gave him one cookie tonight & some milk in his sippy & then we snuggled on the couch.  I had my Bible out early in the living room & when he saw mine, he wanted to go & get his, so he did!  We spend 10 minutes or so tonight going through his picture book bible & pointing out different people & the main ideas of the stories that were about them.  He was soaking it ALL up & I loved it so much!  Sadly, it was time to go to bed & I had to end it sooner than he was ready for.  But I can't wait for us to do that again together tomorrow night.

I just love making memories with my sweet boy!  Yes, it's just me & him, & sometimes that's tough, but just think of how much more memories I get to make with him & he gets to make with me...BECAUSE it's just us!  I have to be GRATEFUL!

Speaking of memories, Pop Pops takes him to get FroYo often & we can't even drive by that strip center without Ryder saying "iccce-keeeem!!"  I told dad & he said, "That just means some good memories are being made there, nothing wrong with that!"  Which reminds me of all the times dad used to take me & G to get sno cones in the summer time!  He was always taking us some where fun!

The wind was blowing earlier today when we were outside, & I think it scared Ryder a bit for a second & I told him it was just the wind.  When my mom stopped by, the wind blew real hard again & he said, "wind..." & she said when did he learn that?  I was like...uhh...five minutes ago!  I love the little sponge that he is...soaking everything UP!

I guess that's enough about our day!  Summer is going to be over before long & I don't want to forget it!


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